Thursday, September 11, 2014

WIRED:  3-D Printed Car Is as Strong as Steel, Half the Weight, and Nearing Production

Gizmos & Gadgets: An Open Source 3D Printed Wind Turbine for Personal Use

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:   Rebooting Chinese Finance

BLOOMBERG:  Driverless Car Push Faces Risk of Hacker Hijacking

SALON:  Robert Reich: College is a ludicrous waste of money

THE ECONOMIST:  Geopolitical risk and markets. Wars and rumours of wars

FASTCOMPANY: Forget What You Think You Know About The Office Of The Future

FASTCOMPANY: How Google's Robots Can Learn Like Humans

FASTCOMPANY:  Study: Smart Robots Are Coming For (Some Of) Our Jobs

MOSCOW TIMES:  Russia Says New EU Sanctions Work Against Peace in Ukraine

MOSCOW TIMES:  U.S. to Outline New Sanctions Against Russia on Friday

MOSCOW TIMES:  Ukraine Faces Huge Winter Gas Shortfall, Minister Says

FASTCOMPANY: Are Robots Going To Kill Your Next Job Or Create It?

FASTCOMPANY:  Japan's Uncanny Quest to Humanize Robots

FASTCOEXIST:  Sending Robots To Print Infrastructure On Mars, So It's Ready When We Get There

REUTERS:  Russia faces new U.S., EU sanctions over Ukraine crisis

REUTERS: Exclusive : Microsoft co-founder Allen to give $9 million for Ebola fight

FOREIGN AFFAIRS:  Jihad Comes to India?

FOREIGN AFFAIRS:  State of Confusion. ISIS' Strategy and How to Counter It

FORBES:  Baby Steps Toward Driverless Cars Deliver Huge Leaps in Safety

SWISS INFO:  Google Street View arrives in the Swiss alps

KAI:  ’1 in 5 chance’ Ebola will spread to the US in September

KAI:  New synthetic gene circuits can perform complex bio-logic tasks

KAI: Reprogramming your brain with transcranial magnetic stimulation

REUTERS:  Double solar storms headed to Earth raise disruption concerns

BBC:  Mastercard fees were anti-competitive, court upholds

NOVA NEXT:  In Ten Years, You Won’t Even Know You’re Wearing Them

STANFORD UNIVERSITY:  Stanford engineers design ant-sized radio to control 'Internet of Things'

ABC NEWS:  Scientists: Strong Solar Storm Heading to Earth

ANALYTICS WEEK:  10 Misconceptions about Big Data

CIO:  C-Level Executives Seeing Big Results From Big Data

POPULAR SCIENCE:  Lasers Reveal Underground 'Super Henge'

REUTERS:  China eyes trade route deal with Mongolia during Xi visit

FORBES:  Where Are The World's Safest Banks in 2014?

REUTERS:  U.S. threatened hefty fines to make Yahoo hand over user data

China Xinhua News:

TECHCRUNCH:  Corporate America, Your Future Engineers Aren’t Attending Career Fairs Anymore


By Mr. Andres Agostini