Monday, September 15, 2014

TED:  Why we will rely on robots

New York Climate Summit Report Card – Who is Tackling Climate Change Best?

WASHINGTON POST: A worrying factor in Ukraine’s chaos: 15 nuclear reactors

WASHINGTON POST:  Lobbying on the ‘Internet of Things

CLOSER TO M.A.D. WIII.  BBC: Nato members 'start arms deliveries to Ukraine'

WIRED: When Robots Take All the Work, What’ll Be Left for Us to Do?

REUTERS: NATO countries have begun arms deliveries to Ukraine: defense minister

REUTERS: TAG Heuer has plans for smartwatch

NEW REPUBLIC:  This Is What It Will Look Like When Robots Take All Our Jobs

NBC NEWS: Nine jobs that humans may lose to robots

THE ATLANTIC:  The Robots Are Coming, but Are They Really Taking Our Jobs?

THE GUARDIAN:  Will robots take our jobs? Experts can't decide

YAHOO NEWS:  Swiss banks at crossroads as secrecy goes up in smoke

PEW RESEARCH CENTER: As machines (robots)  take on more human work, what’s left for us?

PEW RESEARCH CENTER: 56% Americans Say They Are ‘Falling Behind’ Financially

Eliminating a Universal Fallacy!

PEW RESEARCH CENTER: Indians among most likely in the world to see extremist groups as ‘major threat’

PEW RESEARCH CENTER:  The countries most optimistic and pessimistic about their economic future

PEW RESEARCH CENTER: School days: How the U.S. compares with other countries

MOSCOW TIMES: Russian Cosmonauts Prepare for Launch

MOSCOW TIMES:  U.S., EU Ramp Up Sanctions on Russia, Putin Warns of Retaliation

RAND CORPORATION:  China's Strategy Toward South and Central Asia


New Zealanders Preppers, Australian Preppers, British Preppers, and American Preppers WERE EXTREMELY RIGHT AND ACCURATE, not on the Treatment and Prescription, but on the Global Mundane Metastasis they lucid clear-eyed forecasted. I agree myself.

NATURE:  Japanese woman is first recipient of next-generation stem cells

CIO:  Google acquires online survey specialist Polar


By Mr. Andres Agostini