Wednesday, September 24, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (September 24, 2014)

COLUMN-Efficiency, the invisible energy revolution: John Kemp

EBN:  Apple Perfects Global Supply Chain

NEW YORK TIMES:  Testing Future Conditions for the Food Chain


Fossil Fuel Divestment Joined by the Founders of Standard Oil

MOSCOW TIMES: Russia's Black Sea Fleet Will Get 80 New Warships to Repel NATO

MOSCOW TIMES: Russia's Military Purchases Drive Manufacturing Growth, Hiding Stagnation Beyond

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  Robotics & Artificial Intelligence.  Latest in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  We Are Playing God with a Declassified Future [Excerpt]

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  Personal Drones: Are They a Public Hazard?

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  China Plans Supercollider

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Transistor Successor Set to Bring on "The Machine" Age Soon

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  Will Automation Take Our Jobs?

TECHCRUNCH:  Video: Cirque du Soleil Does Its Thing… With Drones

NEW SCIENTIST:  Watch a swarm of 1000 mini-robots assemble into shapes

MASHABLE: Facebook Further Reveals Plans for Internet-Connected Drones (Flying Bots)

MASHABLE: These Tiny Robots Can Self-Assemble into Different Shapes

TECHCRUNCH: The “Robo Brain” Will Use The Internet To Teach Robots

FAST COMPANY:  The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Robotics

FAST COMPANY: Can Jibo, The Family Robot, Make The World More Beautiful?

FASTCODESIGN:  Control This Art Museum's Robots From The Comfort Of Your Couch

BBC:  Robot builders inspired by animal kingdom

THE GUARDIAN: 'Killer robots' pose threat to peace and should be banned, UN warned, taking jobs and lives!

THE GUARDIAN: Are the robots about to rise? Google's new director of engineering thinks so…

THE ECONOMIST: New roles for technology.  Rise of the robots

THE ECONOMIST: Robots, Immigrants from the future

ROBOHUB: The Economist 14-page Special Report: Rise of the Robots—Cool!

FAST COMPANY: How The "Internet Of Things" Is Turning Cities Into Living Organisms

FAST COMPANY:  The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In The Internet Of Things

FAST COMPANY:  In Boston, The Internet of Things Is Already In Front Of Your Face

FASTCODESIGN:  Could This Idiotic Product Help "The Internet Of Things" Go Mainstream?

FASTCODESIGN:  Google And Berg Team Up To Create An Internet Of Things

ENGAGEDT:  Huawei's just bought an internet-of-things startup

REUTERS:  Verizon hires TAP Advisors to plan sale of assets

YAHOO NEWS:  The Internet of Things Will Provide Top Companies Huge Opportunity

Davos: Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer says Internet of Things will create 'tipping point'

ENGADGET:  The Internet of Things isn't safe: thousands of smart gadgets hacked to send spam and phishing emails

WIRED: In the Programmable World and Human Minds, All Our Objects Will Act as One

WIRED:  Everything Is Hyper Connected in the Internet of Things

WIRED:  Why Tech’s Best Minds Are Very Worried About the Internet of Things

SAS:  What is the Internet of Things?

MASHABLE:  70 Percent of Internet of Things Devices Are Vulnerable to Hacking, Study Says

MASHABLE:  Samsung, Dell and Intel to Create New 'Internet of Things' Standard

TECHCRUNCH:  Seed Is Creating A Truly Idiot-Proof Internet Of Things

THE GUARDIAN: The internet of things - the next big challenge to our privacy

PANDO DAILY:  For GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, the Internet of Things is about saving the planet

LIVE SCIENCE:  Power of the Future: 10 Ways to Run the 21st Century

FOREIGN AFFAIRS:  Halfway There. Why the Left Wins on Culture and Always Loses on Economics

PHYS ORG:  Scientists create 'evolved' protein that may stop cancer from spreading

ENGINEERING:  Turning Toxic Waste into Batteries

ENGINEERING:  VEST - sensory substitution for patients with hearing loss

SLATE:  Drooling on Your Shoes or Living Long and Prospering?

BBC FUTURE:  Life expectancy: How long will you live?

THE ECONOMIST:  Longevity and Healthy Aging

THE ECONOMIST: Electric cars. Fully charged

THE GUARDIAN:  Volvo and Renault lead way as electric car sales double in EU

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  BMW to Deliver Electric Car in China in September 2014

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: If the Fuel Source Ain't Clean, Your Electric Car Ain't Green

TECHCRUNCH:  Bitcoin’s Price Skyrockets Following PayPal’s Hug

WIRED:  Forget GMOs. The Future of Food Is Data—Mountains of It

NEW YORK TIMES:  Still No Flying Cars? Debating Technology’s Future

NEW SCIENTIST:  Why electric car maker Tesla has torn up its patents

BBC:  Speedy charging driving a global boom in electric cars

NEW YORK TIMES:  Google’s Next Phase in Driverless Cars: No Steering Wheel or Brake Pedals

WASHINGTON POST:  Google’s new driverless car has no brakes or steering wheel

TECHCRUNCH:  PRSS Digital Magazine Platform Acquired By Apple

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW:  Indian mission reaches Mars

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW:  Last-ditch effort for TPP agreement gets under way

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW:  Japan to help train 14,000 climate change experts

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW:   With Japan trip likely postponed, Putin still willing to talk

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW:  Japan's latest robot is a quizmaster

INDIA WILL BE THE WORLD'S SUPERPOWER # 1.  CNN:  India's spacecraft inches closer to Mars... and history

INDIA TIMES: Google India: Partnering with Modi government to accelerate Digital India programme

Authored By Mr. Andres Agostini
White Swan Book Author