Thursday, September 11, 2014

CIO:  9 Rules for the Developer-ization of IT

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW:  Getting Cross-Cultural Teamwork Right

BBC:  Scottish independence: Cameron, Clegg and Miliband make Scotland 'No' vote plea

GRIST:  China just got serious about global warming. Now we’re really out of excuses.

BBC:  China says South China Sea land reclamation 'justified'

INDIA TIMES:  4 innovative use of technology

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: "Immortal" Cells from Henrietta Lacks Lead to Updated Rules on Genomic Data Sharing


FORTUNE: The supercomputer will see you now

FORTUNE: IBM's Watson woos developers

BUSINESS INSIDER: IBM's Watson Supercomputer Is Becoming The Best Cancer Doctor In The World

CNN MONEY:  BUSINESS INSIDER: IBM's Watson Supercomputer Is Becoming The Best Cancer Doctor In The World

THE GUARDIAN:  Why IBM's Watson supercomputer can't speak slang

FUTURE TENSE:  Who the Hell Cares if IBM's Watson Swears?

FORBES: China's Tianhe-2 Remains The World's Fastest Supercomputer

NEW YORK TIMES:  Hey, Gang, Let's Make Our Own Supercomputer

FORBES:  NSA's New Data Center And Supercomputer Aim To Crack World's Strongest Encryption

TIME:  The NSA Is Building a Computer to Crack Almost Any Code

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Rutgers University, IBM Open Supercomputer Center

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Intel Plans Supercomputer Chips

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  IBM Computer Sets Speed Record

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Supercomputers Fuel Competition

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  IBM Set to Expand Watson's Reach

INVESTOR PLACE: Watson Supercomputer Has Not Been the Moneymaker IBM Hoped

YAHOO NEWS:  Tiny chip mimics brain, delivers supercomputer speed

YAHOO NEWS:  'World's Fastest Supercomputer' Crowned in US

YAHOO NEWS:  Los Alamos to get new supercomputer

YAHOO NEWS:  Chinese supercomputer named as world's fastest

NEOWIN:  Supercomputer passes the Turing Test laying the foundations for Skynet

Michigan Tech Uses “Superior” Supercomputer for Advanced Research

UNIVERSITY OF READING:  Turing Test success marks milestone in computing history

SKY NEWS: 'Human' Supercomputer Passes The Turing Test

HUFF POST: 'Eugene Goostman' Supercomputer Passes The Turing Test, Apocalypse May Ensue

EFDA:  IBM to build new Supercomputer for Max Planck Society

WGNTV:  5 million Gmail passwords leaked: How to check if yours was among them

JAPAN TIMES:Japan’s next supercomputer to be 100 times faster than K

PHYS ORG: Japan to develop fastest supercomputer

BLOOMBERG TV: Building a Working Human Brain on a Supercomputer

NEEWSWEEK:  In Race for Fastest Supercomputer, China Outpaces U.S.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL:  Health care detectives will welcome supercomputer Watson

STANFORD UNIVERSITY:  Stanford Researchers Break Million-core Supercomputer Barrier

ENGINEERING:  TWIE 120: LEGO Supercomputer

FINANCIAL TIMES:  Chinese supercomputer gains title of world’s fastest

THE ECONOMIST:  Supercomputers, Game on

USA TODAY:  U.S. supercomputer at Tenn. lab is world's fastest

USA TODAY:  Purdue computer fastest campus device in world

OXFORD UNIVERSITY:  Supercomputer boost for science, business

INFORMATIONWEEK:  Caltech Supercomputer Analyzes Earthquakes

THE REGISTER:  Harvard student thrown off 14,000-core super ... for mining Dogecoin

BBC:  'Greenest' supercomputer unveiled at Cambridge University

NASA:  Pleiades Supercomputer

WIRED:  DARPA plans exaflop supercomputer for 2018

LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL LAB: Cielo: NNSA Capability Supercomputer


LAWRENCE LIVERMORE LAB:  Livermore, Berkeley labs part of supercomputing effort to model climate change

FORBES:  Meet The Ex-NSA And Ex-Unit 8200 Spies Cashing In On Security Fears

FOX NEWS:  University of Arizona speeds up research with new supercomputer

REUTERS:  HP to invest over $1 billion in open-source cloud computing

COMPUTERWORLD:  Cloud computing 2014: Moving to a zero-trust security model

PC WORLD:  Where is cloud computing heading in 2013?

PC:  What Is Cloud Computing?,2817,2372163,00.asp

FORTUNE:  What I Learned at the Cloud Computing Revolution

FORBES:  How to Avoid a Cloud Strategy that Fails

BUSINESS INSIDER:  The 39 Most Important People In Cloud Computing

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  16 Ways The Cloud Will Change Our Lives

NEW YORK TIMES: The Era of Cloud Computing

THE GUARDIAN:   Cloud computing enables businesses to discover their entrepreneurial spirit

BBC FUTURE:  Cloud computing

REUTERS:  VMware to form cloud computing partnership with China Telecom

YAHOO NEWS:  Cisco to invest over $1B in cloud computing

YAHOO NEWS:  Taiwan's Acer launches cloud computing drive in shift from PC reliance

FOX NEWS:  Cloud Computing
THE GLOBE AND MAIL:  Beware cloud computing's trapdoors

HOW STUFF WORKS:  How the Google Cloud Works

BUSINESS INSIDER:  The Most Simple Explanation Of Cloud Computing Ever, From Google

CNET:  Cloud computing goes mainstream

NATURE:  Cloud computing and the DNA data race

AMERICAN SCIENTIST:  Experts Warn of Turbulent Trip to Cloud Computing

NEW SCIENTIST:  The cloud's the limit

TECHNET:  How Microsoft Defines Cloud Computing

DARPA:      Mission-oriented Resilient Clouds (MRC)

NASA:  NASA Nebula Cloud Computing Platform

FBI:   Recommendations for Implementation of Cloud ... - FBI


By Mr. Andres Agostini