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FUTURISM UPDATE (February 03, 2015) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon, LinkedIn

 REUTERS: Global Economy: Deflation alarms ring louder as EU, Chinese factories struggle

FINANCIAL TIMES:    The perils of a strong US dollar. The bad news is the US recovery is based on the familiar model of rising consumption. High quality global journalism requires investment. First things first. We are not about to replay the 1930s. The world’s big economies are not deliberately indulging in “beggar thy neighbour” devaluations and protectionism is not poised for an ugly revival. As they say in the US : situation normal, all fouled up — or words to that effect.

 FINANCIAL TIMES: Weak global economy worries US officials

 REUTERS: The number of eligible claims for deaths and injuries linked to the defective General Motors Co (GM.N) ignition switch that led to the recall of 2.6 million older cars should rise, an official responsible for administering the victim compensation fund said on Monday.

 MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Atom-Thick Silicon Makes Crazy-Fast Transistors. An exotic form of silicon, called silicene, could enable a new generation of faster computers.

 BLOOMBERG: Do Dying Patients Have a Right to Try Experimental Drugs?

 GIGAOM: How AI can help build a universal real-time translator

 INDIA WILL NOT GET MARRIED TO THE U.S. CHINA DAILY EUROPE: China, India build on relationship

 EUROPE CHINA DAILY: Indian PM Modi to visit China in May

THE GUARDIAN: Ukraine: US considers military help for Kiev as separatists plan to mobilise army. John Kerry, US secretary of state, will use visit to Ukrainian capital to consider options amid frustration in the west at failure to find diplomatic solution

 THE GUARDIAN: Greece debt standoff: George Osborne urges Athens and Brussels to strike deal. UK chancellor says debt talks are greatest threat to world economy during meeting with Greek finance chief Yanis Varoufakis

 THE GUARDIAN: US increasingly concerned that Russia is intent on partitioning Ukraine. With rebels having seized extra 200 square miles of territory, US’s leaking of talks about sending weapons to Kiev may be Obama’s way of warning Putin to back off

 BBC NEWS: US union leaders have launched a large-scale strike at nine refineries after failing to agree on a new national contract with major oil companies.

 INFINITELY MUCH MORE TECHNOLOGICAL UNEMPLOYMENT. FINANCIAL TIMES: The changing face of employment. ‘Most Davos delegates expected bar codes and robots to replace humans at an accelerating rate’

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: D-Wave Systems Inc. raised another 29 million Canadian dollars ($23 million) for its quantum computer, a machine that radically changes the way computing works and promises to solve far larger and more complex problems than what conventional computers can handle today.


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