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FUTURISM UPDATE (February 16, 2015) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon, LinkedIn  

FORBES:   Why Information Security Is Everybody's Business Now

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  Physics Week in Review (Valentine’s Edition): February 14, 2015

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:    How to Choose the Form of an Infographic: It’s All about Context

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:   Has there been an erosion of trust in politics since the global economy crashed in 2008?

CNET:  Facebook launches social network for security pros.  Facebook's new ThreatExchange will allow corporate security professionals to share cybersecurity information and better protect themselves from hackers.

THE ECONOMIST:  Unless Syriza changes course, Greece is inexorably heading out of the euro

HUFFINGTON POST:   Hackers steal up to $1 billion from banks

NBCNEWS:  After the Higgs, LHC Rounds Up the Unusual Suspects in Particle Physics

TIME:   The New Age of Much Older Age

THE ECONOMIST:  A lot of old satellites will need replacing in the next few years:

FORBES:  Leaked FAA Document Provides Glimpse Into Drone Regulations

HERITAGE FOUNDATION:  Use of military force against ISIS should only happen after there is an understanding of the threat posed by ISIS

COMPUTERWORLD:  Black Girls Code founder looks to expand skills outreach, challenges CIOs to help the cause:

FAST COMPANY:  These African dolls are outselling Barbie in Nigeria

 MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Human Face Recognition Found In Neural Network Based On Monkey Brains

INDIAN EXPRESS:  World’s first robot-staffed hotel to open in Japan

STANFORD UNIVERSITY:  Integrating spirituality, ethical commitments & daily work life leads to more successful businesses. –Rev. McLennan

GIZMODO:  ow Pan Am became king of international travel, and how it lost it all:

SCIENCE NEWS:     Quantum guessing game uses the future to predict the past

BLOOMBERG:    Enter India, Exit China.  India’s growth rate is suddenly rivaling, even outpacing, China’s. Can it sustain the momentum?

MEDICAL XPRESS:  Human neural stem cells restore cognitive functions impaired by chemotherapy

CNN MONEY:   Alan Greenspan: The euro is doomed

  COMPUTERWORLD: NASA rides artificial intelligence to the moon and Mars. Analysts say enterprises have a lot to learn from the way NASA uses A.I.
  CNBC:   $30 oil could be worse than you think, says this CEO »  
   LINKEDIN: The State of the Future (February 16, 2015 Update!)
   BBC NEWS:   Could driverless cars own themselves?
    FORBES: The Coming Boom In Brain Medicines
    ENGADGET:    Google's got a robot dog that stalks indoors, haunts dreams
    SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Oil Eating Microbes Have Worldwide Underground Connections. Life thrives even deep in the Earth and scientists are beginning to suspect extensive connections among those underground environments.
    STANFORD UNIVERSITY:  Awe makes people feel more time affluent because they are more focused on the present moment
    BUSINESS INSIDER:  Japan's recession is over
    PHYS-ORG:  Cold-blooded #animals grow bigger in the warm on land, but smaller in warm water


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