Friday, February 20, 2015

FUTURISM UPDATE (February 21, 2015) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon, LinkedIn 

FORBES:   Why Information Security Is Everybody's Business Now

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  Physics Week in Review (Valentine’s Edition): February 14, 2015

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:    How to Choose the Form of an Infographic: It’s All about Context

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:   Has there been an erosion of trust in politics since the global economy crashed in 2008?

CNET:  Facebook launches social network for security pros.  Facebook's new ThreatExchange will allow corporate security professionals to share cybersecurity information and better protect themselves from hackers.

THE ECONOMIST:  Unless Syriza changes course, Greece is inexorably heading out of the euro

HUFFINGTON POST:   Hackers steal up to $1 billion from banks

 NBCNEWS: After the Higgs, LHC Rounds Up the Unusual Suspects in Particle Physics

TIME:   The New Age of Much Older Age

THE ECONOMIST:  A lot of old satellites will need replacing in the next few years:

FORBES:  Leaked FAA Document Provides Glimpse Into Drone Regulations

HERITAGE FOUNDATION:  Use of military force against ISIS should only happen after there is an understanding of the threat posed by ISIS

COMPUTERWORLD:  Black Girls Code founder looks to expand skills outreach, challenges CIOs to help the cause:

FAST COMPANY:  These African dolls are outselling Barbie in Nigeria

 MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Human Face Recognition Found In Neural Network Based On Monkey Brains

INDIAN EXPRESS:  World’s first robot-staffed hotel to open in Japan

STANFORD UNIVERSITY:  Integrating spirituality, ethical commitments & daily work life leads to more successful businesses. –Rev. McLennan

GIZMODO:  ow Pan Am became king of international travel, and how it lost it all:

SCIENCE NEWS:     Quantum guessing game uses the future to predict the past

BLOOMBERG:    Enter India, Exit China.  India’s growth rate is suddenly rivaling, even outpacing, China’s. Can it sustain the momentum?

MEDICAL XPRESS:  Human neural stem cells restore cognitive functions impaired by chemotherapy

CNN MONEY:   Alan Greenspan: The euro is doomed

COMPUTERWORLD: NASA rides artificial intelligence to the moon and Mars. Analysts say enterprises have a lot to learn from the way NASA uses A.I.

CNBC:   $30 oil could be worse than you think, says this CEO »

LINKEDIN: The State of the Future (February 16, 2015 Update!)

BBC NEWS:   Could driverless cars own themselves?

FORBES: The Coming Boom In Brain Medicines

ENGADGET:    Google's got a robot dog that stalks indoors, haunts dreams

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Oil Eating Microbes Have Worldwide Underground Connections. Life thrives even deep in the Earth and scientists are beginning to suspect extensive connections among those underground environments.

STANFORD UNIVERSITY:  Awe makes people feel more time affluent because they are more focused on the present moment

BUSINESS INSIDER:  Japan's recession is over

PHYS-ORG:  Cold-blooded #animals grow bigger in the warm on land, but smaller in warm water

THE ECONOMIST:  Why US hydrocarbon exports are booming

BUSINESS INSIDER:  Star Silicon Valley entrepreneur: Here's why bitcoin will be bigger than the internet

GIGAOM:  Why deep learning is at least inspired by biology, if not the brain

THE VERGE:  The FAA just took a huge step towards legalizing commercial drone flights. The agency's outlook on this new breed of aircraft is much less conservative than expected

PBS-ORG:     Powerful and Efficient ‘Neuromorphic’ Chip Works Like a Brain

BIGTHINK:   Automation, Creative Destruction, and Your Job in Technology's Crosshairs

FORBES:  Server And Protect: Predictive Policing Firm PredPol Promises To Map Crime Before It Happens

THE DAILY CURRANT:   Elon Musk Replaced By Robot As CEO Of Tesla Motors

WIRED:   The Hot Yet Little-Known Trend That’ll Supercharge AI

NEW YORK TIMES:   Studying Oversize Brain Cells for Links to Exceptional Memory

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:   Catching Alzheimer’s before Memory Slips

Microsoft Achieves Substantial Beyond-Human-Level Deep Learning Advance

WORLD BANK:  Is citizen engagement critical for development?

THE GUARDIAN:    Students used to take drugs to get high. Now they take them to get higher grades. The use of so-called ‘smart drugs’, bought on the internet, to boost mental performance is rife in British universities. So can we all benefit from ‘having an edge’, or is it just a form of cheating that should be banned?

THE ECONOMIST:  China is now seen as the lender of last resort for countries that are ignored by the West

FRANCE 24:    Arab League to meet on Yemen Wednesday

FORBES:    In 2010, Google invested $1M into Shweeb, which is developing a pedal-powered monorail:

INC: Do you have a stunning product? Submit it for our 2015 Best in Class Design Awards! Details here:

THE VERGE:  Scientists have found a way to see through opaque material using light

THE ECONOMIST:    How does technology evolve? Artefacts, as well as organisms, can do so by natural selection

FAST COMPANY: How to design a happier life

CNN NEWS: Scanadu: The medical Tricorder from Star Trek is here

THE ECONOMIST:   Language is not constant. Change in language is—and anxiety about change is constant too

THE ECONOMIST:  Several studies suggest that when immigrants arrive, crime goes down, schools improve and shops open up

TED TALKS:   "Equations and symbols aren't just things. They're a voice that speaks out about the incredible richness of nature."

THE VERGE:   Why Tesla's battery for your home should terrify utilities

THE ECONOMIST:  Teaching economics: perhaps it is time for mainstream theory to catch up with its students

FRANCE 24:  Scientists seek international authority on climate geoengineering

FORBES:   Google Cabs And Uber Bots Will Challenge Jobs 'Below The API

FOREIGN AFFAIRS:   Iran, With Love.  Iran, With Love

THE OIL PRICE IS GOING TO GO EVEN LOWER. THE GUARDIAN: Germany moves to legalise fracking. Four-year moratorium on shale drills set to be overturned as country initiates process to allow regulated hydraulic fracturing for shale gas

FORBES:   Big Data Analytics, Mobile Technologies And Robotics Defining The Future Of Digital Factories

THE ECONOMIST:  Which business school has the most useful alumni?

INC:   MIT researchers use data to uncover the science of Silicon Valley success

FORBES:   Why solar powered data centers are a big deal:

THE ECONOMIST:   Britain has slipped from fourth to sixth in the global defence spending league since 2012

THE ECONOMIST:  In the United States, German-Americans constitute the largest single ethnic group

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Human Traffickers Caught on Hidden Internet. A new set of search tools called Memex, developed by DARPA, peers into the “deep Web” to reveal illegal activity

THE KOREA TIMES:   Internet of Things will enhance industrial efficiency

THE KOREA TIMES:    China, Japan investment in S. Korea top record last year

THE GUARDIAN: Matter will be created from light within a year, claim scientists

FORBES: Big Data Analytics, Mobile Technologies And Robotics Defining The Future Of Digital Factories

TECHCRUNCH: How Big Data Will Transform Our Economy And Our Lives In 2015

FORTUNE: Bonjour! Commuting in France on Toyota’s electric motorbike

COMPUTERWORLD:  xpedia to buy Orbitz for $1.6 billion

BBC NEWS:   Satellites track snail disease risk

REUTERS:  Hyundai Motor to enter commercial vehicle market in U.S., Europe

POPULAR SCIENCE:   Europa is one of the best candidates for finding alien life-here’s how NASA plans to get there

THE ECONOMIST:  Delhi is now the most polluted city on the planet

FAST COMPANY:  A new wearable zaps your brain to help you focus—or relax

TECHCRUNCH:   Infosys Acquires SaaS Provider Panaya In Deal Valued At $200M

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG:   India's economy is entering an exciting new phase. I'm very bull-ish on India's future.

THE ECONOMIST:  Cheaper oil is shifting economic growth within Canada, and political power could shift with it

STRATFOR:   The world that Merkel faces today is startlingly different. The EU is in a deep crisis.

CNN:  Are we ready for the next global epidemic? Experts say it's not a question of if, but when:

THE ECONOMIST:  The Greek-German debate about moral rights of debtors and creditors dates back to Aristotle and beyond

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  Cryptographers may be the solution to avoiding satellite collisions.

WORLD BANK:  Natural disasters can roll back dev gains & exacerbate inequality: 2 reasons we're scaling up resilience #DRR:

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:   Why business leaders should think like scientists

THE GUARDIAN:  Australia and Indonesia by the numbers: how do they compare?

FINANCIAL TIMES:  Infosys acquires Israeli tech group Panaya

RAND CORPORATION:  "Addressing discrepancies in teacher quality goes far beyond identifying good & bad #teachers."

DIGG TECH:   This Wireless Explosives Detector Is The Size Of A Postage Stamp

THE ECONOMIST:  The Greek-German debate about moral rights of debtors and creditors dates back to Aristotle and beyond

FINANCIAL TIMES:  Indonesia sees $710m trade surplus

 BLOOMBERG: Japan Gets Ready to Fight. Abe wants to unshackle Japan from its postwar pacifism

CNN MONEY: Coming soon: A change in who gets overtime pay. The Obama administration is expected to move forward soon on its plan to provide overtime pay protections to low-salaried managers who don't qualify for them.

JAPAN TIMES:    Questions of self-defense

PHYS-ORG: Tomorrow's technology will lead to sweeping changes in society

THE NEW YORK TIMES: The Epidemic of Facelessness

FINANCIAL TIMES:    Biology and robotics come together

ARS TECHNICA: Computer algorithm can accurately identify Jackson Pollock paintings. Even other artists who attempted to mimic his style couldn't pull it off.

MIT NEWS: Explaining what voters try to hide. New paper shows how “conjoint analysis” can tackle hard political issues.

POPULAR MECHANICS: DARPA's Prosthetics Can Now Grip, Climb, and Grasp Slippery Objects

INQUISITR: Japanese Scientists Build Artificial Brain Cerebellum In The Laboratory

THE ECONOMIST:  Higher debt is not automatically a problem. But like any feel-good drug, debt can be addictive

TIME:   Amazon says FAA proposals won't ground drone delivery plans

FINANCIAL TIMES:  Euro slides as Greek talks break up in Brussels

FINANCIAL TIMES:   Eurozone's Greek talks collapse early

TECHNION:     NANO Gets Personal with Cancer Treatments - Technion Israel

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:    3 predictions for the future of jobs

TECH INSIDER:     Artificial Intelligence and the Law of Accelerating Returns

HUMANITY PLUS:  Biology is Technology — DARPA is Back in the Game With A Big Vision and It Is H+

SAS:  The Internet of Things is not just for consumers

LINKEDIN: 1,000 Technological Years Injected Into 100 Years. Are You Ready?

LOCKHEED MARTIN: Skunk Works has always been #onestepahead. How they do what they do:

British Company Has Plans to Manufacture Big Structures in Space

THE ECONOMIST:   A richer university makes for a far more aggressive investor: hefty sums on risky ventures

LINKEDIN: The State of the Future (February 17, 2015 Update!)

BUSINESS INSIDER:     HUGE SPY PROGRAM EXPOSED: NSA has hidden software in hard drives around the world

CANCER RESEARCH:    Stem Cell Transplantation Reverses Chemotherapy-Induced Cognitive Dysfunction

Gold nanotubes launch a three-pronged attack on cancer cells

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS:       Just click print: World’s first drivable 3D-printed car goes from computer to road in just 44 hours

TED:      Traditional lab tests for disease diagnosis can be too expensive and cumbersome for the regions most in need. George Whitesides' ingenious answer is a foolproof tool that can be manufactured at virtually zero cost.

Apple will buy Tesla for $75b in 18 months (prediction)

GIZMAG:     Harvard team successfully reverses the aging process in mice

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:      Five Common Myths about the Brain. Some widely held ideas about the way children learn can lead educators and parents to adopt faulty teaching principles

3-D PRINT-COM:   SOLS Unveils ADAPTIV, 3D Printed Robotic Adaptable High-tops

SAS:     The Internet of Things is not just for consumers

POPULAR SCIENCE: Amateur Astronomers Discovered A 120-Mile-Tall Plume Coming Off Mars. Almost nothing like it has ever been observed on the red planet before

SALON-COM: Noam Chomsky: America paved the way for ISIS. The famed linguist and philosopher on the conflict in Iraq, Israel and the myriad dangers of U.S. foreign policy

THE ECONOMIST:   Many satellites launched for important purposes are still limping along in need of retirement

LIVE SCIENCE:   The brains of criminals are not like yours.

DISCOVERY NEWS:   How Far Do Mars Rovers Travel Before They Die?

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:  Why has #globaltrade slowed down?

THE TIMES OF LONDON:  Alzheimer’s could be stopped by ‘statin’ pill

REUTERS:   Asian supply lines hit by West Coast ports dispute

FORBES:  Contrary to popular belief, leadership isn’t always a natural-born trait:

FORTUNE MAGAZINE:  China has a new taxi app monopolist - and it isn't Uber

HERITAGE FOUNDATION:   13 Charts Measuring Economic Freedom Around the Globe -

THE GUARDIAN:  Unemployed will have to do community work under Tories, says Cameron

STANFORD UNIVERSITY:   How data analysis can help lower patients’ risk of hospital readmission

NEW YORKER:   The Shape of Things to Come. How an industrial designer became Apple’s greatest product.

BUSINESS INSIDER:     Alibaba founder Jack Ma was rejected from 30 jobs, including KFC, before becoming China's richest man

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW:  Nano-Manufacturing Makes Steel 10 Times Stronger.  A new way to produce metals could have wide-ranging effects.

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW:  The Face Detection Algorithm Set To Revolutionize Image Search.  The ability to spot faces from any angle, and even when partially occluded, has always been a uniquely human capability. Not any more.

MIT NEWS:  Taking technology from the lab to the patient.  Daniel Anderson wants to bring advances in drug delivery and biomaterials to the clinic.

LINKEDIN: The State of the Future (February 18, 2015 Update!)

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  Fecal transplants could up the risk of obesity onset, if the samples come from an obese donor.

TECHCRUNCH: Elemental Path Debuts The First Toys Powered By IBM Watson

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  Innovative technique replaces approximately 10 percent of the liver with healthy cells from a deceased donor.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  A burgeoning technology known as visible light communication could someday carry wireless data in the same light that illuminates a room using “smart lighting.”

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Party on. Really. Study finds that group social activity prevents cognitive decline more than even one-on-one interactions.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: New report evaluates the impacts of coal pollution on our respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

INC-COM:  7 Habits of The World's Richest People


FASTCO DESIGN:   Why Samsung Design Stinks. Blame Steve Jobs Syndrome.

PHYS-ORG: Artificial proteins could bring the next biological revolution – starting with MRI. Scientists and engineers have looked to nature for their inspiration for centuries. The field of biomimetics uses ideas from nature to solve complex human challenges.

CNN MONEY:  Super-sneaky malware found in companies worldwide. A shadowy hacking group has infected computers at companies, universities and governments worldwide with the sneakiest malware ever.

HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL: ionic Leaf. Researchers use bacteria to convert solar energy into liquid fuel

MAX PLANCK INSTITUTES: Seven genes for X-linked intellectual disability. Genetic analysis discovers new mutations on the X chromosome

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  A new paper lists 10 situations when it could be justified for a doctor to "Google" patients.

CNN MONEY:  Jony Ive is the British designer behind 1.5 billion Apple products. And he really loves the F word.

COSMOS UP-COM: New Crazy Theory: The Universe has ‘No End and No Beginning - See more at:

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Biodefense Aims to Simulate Human Bodies by Linking Mini "Organs on Chips". 3-D systems could mimic human physiology and allow for ethical tests of the impact of potential biological, chemical and radiological warfare agents

BUSINESS INSIDER: Why Steve Jobs was such a jerk to employees

BUSINESS INSIDER: Google is going to end mobile wireless data charges for millions of new customers Read more:

CNN:  Why does ISIS keep making enemies?

CBS NEW YORK:  U.S. Rep., Terror Expert Shocked At State Dept. Claim That Jobs Program Can Stop ISIS

Obama Administration Ripped Over Spokesperson's Comments On Chris Matthews

THE NEW YORK TIMES:  U.S. Intensifies Effort to Blunt ISIS’ Message

Ready for War With ISIS?
Foreign Affairs' Brain Trust Weighs In

CNN:  ISIS atrocity in Libya demonstrates its growing reach in North Africa

THE ATLANTIC:   On the Impossibility of Fighting ISIS

FOREIGN POLICY MAGAZINE:   The coming fall of the house of ISIS

THE INDEPENDENT:  Isis: Paranoid but determined, Islamic State is ready for a fight to the death in Mosul

THE GUARDIAN:  What will it take to stop Isis using rape as a weapon of war?

DER SPIEGEL: Digital Jihad: Inside Islamic State's Savvy PR War. Islamic State's methods may be medieval, but the group's propaganda is second to none. The Islamists target their professionally produced videos at specific audiences -- sometimes to spread a specific message, sometimes merely to terrify.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL:  To fight ISIS effectively, we need insight into just what it is

FORBES:  The ISIS Opportunity--Apocalypse Or Accord?

CNN:  Kurdish peshmerga fighters battle ISIS in Sinjar

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  ISIS and Obama’s Summit. The Copts and Kurds know the threat is more than ‘violent extremism.’

THE NEW YORK TIMES:  Egypt Launches Airstrike in Libya Against ISIS Branch

THE GUARDIAN:   A Libyan front in the war on Isis may not be all it seems

LINKEDIN: The State of the Future (February 19, 2015 Update!)


COMPUTERWORLD: Microsoft adds machine learning as an Azure service. Microsoft's new Azure service aims to take the pain out of managing large machine learning systems

LINKEDIN: What To Study To Conquer The Business Analytics and the Big Data Galaxy?

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: The oldest stars in the universe formed more than 100 million years later than previously believed.

THE ECONOMIST:   Why Ireland and Portugal are refusing to cut Greece any slack

BBC NEWS:  VIDEO: Is another financial crisis looming?

BLOOMBERG:   Did the Fed just enter the currency wars?

MASHABLE:  Yahoo prowls for mobile developers

MIT:   Can @MIT_CSAIL's robot garden make coding more accessible?  #STEMeducation

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC:   70,000 years ago an alien star flew through the outer reaches of the solar system:

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Weekend Read: [CREATIVE SCHUMPETERIAN] Disruption Is Not About Slaying Giants but about Serving New Customers

FINANCIAL TIMES:  China’s richest man loads up on debt to fuel growth of world's most valuable solar company

THE ECONOMIST:  Downturns in the euro area and Britain seem like hiccups in comparison to Greece's recession

STRATFOR:  Japan and most European countries have severe cultural problems integrating immigrants.

WASHINGTON POST:  Clintons raised nearly $2 billion for foundation since 2001, Post analysis shows

GIGAOM:  Google open sources a MapReduce framework for C/C++

CNN MONEY:  How to protect your retirement from being "robbed" by the gov't

FAST COMPANY:  Corporate wellness is broken—and work is to blame:

FORTUNE MAGAZINE: "[The market's] saying, ‘Gentlemen, we do not have a home for this oil today. Can you please take it off my hands?’?”

BUSINESS INSIDER:  It sounds like Samsung's next Galaxy phone will be incredible fast

DARPA:  Passcode provides a look inside @DARPA's plan to use virtual reality to visualize cyberoperations

ACCENTURE:  Expanding #gas market in Greater China presents opportunities for new products/services.

MORE ROBOTS ARE COMMING SOONEST.  THE TIMES OF LONDON:  Population crisis: Japan can’t even pay people to live in its dying village

FINANCIAL TIMES:  Alibaba and Tencent battle over Chinese new year ‘red envelopes’

ENGADGET:  See Russia's Tesla Tower through the eyes of a drone

MAYO CLINIC ON WOMEN WELNESS:  Healthy #bodyimage conversations after #CindyCrawford photo.

MEDICAL XPRESS:  Development of personalized cellular therapy for brain cancer

MIT NEWS:  Can an LED-filled “robot garden” make coding more accessible?  CSAIL’s 100-plus blooming, crawling, swimming bots teach basic programming concepts.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Coding ‘Boot Camp’ Opens High-Tech Doors. Free software-building class puts some poor youth on a potentially lucrative career path

THE ECONOMIST:  A shift toward global transparency is making life all the more difficult for the tax-shy rich

NEW YORK TIMES: Machine Learning: Microsoft Has Suddenly Gotten Serious With Mobile

LINKEDIN: The Positive Technological Rupture Of The Very Fabric Of Human History

NEW SCIENTIST:  Tweak that epigenome! Nature/nurture debate gets overhaul with map of how life impacts genes

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  Map of Second Genetic Code, the "Epigenome," Is Unveiled. Scientists for the first time have mapped out the molecular "switches" that can turn on or silence individual genes in the DNA in more than 100 types of human cells, an accomplishment that reveals the complexity of genetic information and the challenges of interpreting it.

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Internet of DNA. A global network of millions of genomes could be medicine’s next great advance.

CNET:  Scientists propose 'cortical modem' implant to give you Terminator vision

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Supercharged Photosynthesis. Advanced genetic tools could help boost crop yields and feed billions more people.

LOCKHEED MARTIN:  35% of #cyber pros guess that they're not a cyber threat target. New survey:

LIVE SCIENCE TECH:  The Large Hadron Collider is back and and it could solve some problems of the Big Bang.

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:  What kind of financial shocks caused the Great Recession?

LOCKHEED MARTIN: Seven(ty-one) Easy Pieces: What does it take to build a Littoral Combat Ship?  #LCS

STRATFOR:  Map shows approximate locations of US Carrier Strike Groups, Amphibious Ready Groups Feb 19

FOREIGN POLICY:  Japan’s foreign minister writes on how his country will fight Islamist terrorism in the Middle East.

BUSINESS INSIDER:  South Africa among the worst countries to retire in  via BusinessTechSA

INC-COM:  5 Healthcare Trends You Could Cash In On

CIO:  NSA, UK's GCHQ reportedly hacked encryption of SIM card maker

ACCENTURE DIGITAL:  The Outcome Economy: #digital devices "on the edge" power a new business model

The incredible true tale of "the queen of neuroscience" and her Nobel Prize.

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:  Why we need to lose labels in the #climate debate

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW:  How to determine whether someone is coachable

RSA CONFERENCE:  Equation super cyberspies target Macs with #malware, too:

PHYS-ORG:  Ovulation shares both cellular and genetic features between #fruitflies and #mice

REUTERS HEALTH:  179 patients notified of possible exposure to "superbug" at UCLA Medical Center:

ISS NATIONAL LAB:  DYK: Studying worms in space can help us better understand how to counteract foodborne illness

BBC NEWS:  Nasdaq tech shares at 15-year high

DAIL MAIL ONLINE:  Nasa races to fix dangerous spacesuit problem ahead of crucial upcoming spacewalks

Walmart's CEO voted for Arkansas minimum wage hike

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Forget Buckyballs, Here Comes Volleyballene. Take 20 scandium atoms, 60 carbon atoms, arrange in a volleyball-shape and, voila!

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Clever Vehicles. The way we go online in our cars makes no sense.

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Liquid Biopsy. Fast DNA-sequencing machines are leading to simple blood tests for cancer.

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Car-to-Car Communication. A simple wireless technology promises to make driving much safer.

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Brain Organoids. A new method for growing human brain cells could unlock the mysteries of dementia, mental illness, and other neurological disorders.

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Is Bitcoin Stalling? Despite a big increase in the number of merchants accepting Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency doesn’t have much momentum in retail transactions.

 ACCENTURE:  Technology Vision 2015: Stretching Your Boundaries in the Digital Era

THE ECONOMIST:  Unless Syriza changes course, Greece is inexorably heading out of the euro

CNET:  Apple reportedly aiming to launch electric car by 2020

FINANCIAL TIMES:  Alan Greenspan: Opec has ceded to the US its power over oil price

CNN:  Cholesterol in food is no longer considered a "nutrient of concern," a report says.  @cnnhealth

INC-COM: If You Want More Startups in Your City, Attract More 1 Percenters and College Grads

Intelligence agencies slack off when it comes to their own oversight

INTEL EDUCATION:  Empower & inspire young women to become innovators, creators & designers.

HERITAGE FOUNDATION:  More States Push Back Against

RAND CORPORATION:  #Technology helped US, 4% of world's population, get 39% its wealth. Now it needs an R&D #strategy.

TELEGRAPGH NEWS:  Government accused of 'sleep-walking' into Ukraine crisis

IEEE COMPUTER SOCIETY:  VIDEO: Technical Achievement Award Recipients discuss careers, research/contributions to computing science/eng

DW:  Has the Franco-German motor stopped sputtering?

BBC HEALTH NEWS:  Resistant-malaria 'enormous threat'

THE ECONOMIST:  Why two little piggies aren't happy with the third, Greece

ENGADGET:  How to build a high-end, overclocked PC (as written by an "idiot," @stevetdent)

FORBES:  SungardASVoice: 10 ways employees compromise their company's cyber security  @SungardAS

REUTERS:  Union rejects contract offer from oil cos in U.S. refinery strike

BBC: Evolution 'favours big sea beasts'

FAST COMPANY:  Why building something useful for others is the best marketing there is

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:  3 ways the technological revolution is unlike any other in history, by Prof. Klaus Schwab

BLOOMBERG:  StubHub is being squeezed by rivals -- and its parent.

STRATFOR:  In terms of defense, China is rapidly establishing itself as a credible military power in the Asia-Pacific region.

INTEL:  A race for the lead in the #wearables market

PWCL  Your customer=your partner? Over 40% of CEOs are collaborating with customers. More stats in our survey

GIZMODO:  Falconers in Abu Dhabi train their raptors with drones

INTEL:  As you can see in this video, Intel's wireless docking solution makes workplace mobility a little less awkward:

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Google's Wallet challenge: it exerts less control over the phones that use its Android OS than Apple does over iPhone

BLOOMBERG:  Why oil's pain is Walmart's gain

CNBC:  Warren Buffett's Berkshire secretly bought this stock »

SYMANTEC:  WHITE PAPER? #NetBackup vs EMC benchmark comparison

MIT SLOAN:  Learn more about our Leading Change in Complex Organizations course.

HERITAGE FOUNDATION:  Congress Is About to Impose Another Unfunded Mandate On Doctors -

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:  Which are the top cities for real estate investment?

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW:  How to start a passion project without quitting your day job

THE TIMES OF LONDON:  World's biggest laptop maker ‘installed eavesdropping software’ on its machines  (Reuters)

CISCO:  What are the top 3 #mobile trends that can affect your business? Learn in our #VNI Mobile Forecast:

THE VERGE:  Bill Gates believes that Africa will be able to feed itself in 15 years. Here's how:

FOREIGN POLICY:  Iran’s Shiite militias are running amok in Iraq.

DAILY MAIL ONLINE:  Facebook is building virtual reality apps that will let you share 'entire experiences' with friends

THE ECONOMIST:  Obamacare's challengers before the Supreme Court will probably lose; here's why  @stevenmazie

BBC NEWS: China's corruption probe bites deep

FORTUNE MAGAZINE:  How secure is the Middle East?

IEEE SPECTRUM:  CogniToys Leverages Watson's Brain to Befriend, Teach Your Kids

INC-COM: Marissa Mayer hints that Yahoo might get into mobile messaging. @jeffbercovici

AMERICAN MANGEMENT:  How to Bring in new customers on the cheap. (by @MindaZetlin) #Marketing #Management |

STRATFOR:  Kiev knows how dependent it is and has made moving away from relying on Russian natural gas a top priority.

BBC NEWS:  Call for action on wildlife crime

FRANCE 24: Los Angeles hospital alert after 'superbug' outbreak

 NAUTILUS: Moore’s Law Is About to Get Weird. Never mind tablet computers. Wait till you see bubbles and slime mold.

 LINKEDIN: The State of the Future (February 20, 2015 Update!)

 SCIENTIFIC AMERICA:  The Artful Amoeba. What on Earth Made These Perfect Fossil Rings?


HERITAGE INFORMATION:  The Government Gave Close to 1 Million  Customers the Wrong Tax Information

HERITAGE FOUNDATION:  Economic Freedom Can Alleviate Energy Poverty -

SINGULARITY UNIVERSITY:  World’s Data Could Fit on a Teaspoon-Sized DNA Hard Drive and Survive Up to 2 Million Years | Singularity HUB via …

STANFORD UNIVERSITY: How power changes people

BLOOMBERG:  Should Apple's electric car plans worry Tesla?

MASHABLE:  Unusual snowfall pounds Middle East, leaving refugees at risk.

BBC:  Black hole's blast stunts stars

FINANCIAL TIMES:  Tested: one-tapp apps to simplify the things we do on our smartphones

NASA:  Visualization and Quantification of Rotor Tip Vortices in Helicopter Flows

ENGINEERING-COM:  Japanese engineers use 100 supercomputing nodes to figure out the fluid dynamics that make wind instruments work.

HARVARD BUSINESS:  There are over 250 startup founders from classes 2008-2014. They've raised $2.5 billion in capital for 90+ companies

CNBC:  This country will surpass the U.S. to become the world's largest retail market:

FAST COMPANY:  This animated typographic architecture is a design nerd's dream:

CIO:  Wearables Evolving to Combine Fashion and Function

ACCENTURE DIGITAL:  What should be in your #digital toolbox? #Hardware, for starters. Learn why in Accenture #TechVision2015 Trend 2.

THE ECONOMIST:  Fannie and Freddie aren't a nice couple who live in the suburbs

MAYO CLINIC:  More than 250 recipes to satisfy your heart-healthy lifestyle:

AMD:  We think the future of device interconnectivity will go beyond #IoT to surround computing.

FORBES:  This startup is using machine learning to review long legal documents:

GIGAOM:  NSA, GCHQ reportedly stole mobiel network encryption keys

ACCENTURE:  Technology Vision 2015: Stretching Your Boundaries in the Digital Era

The effects of global warming vary by region. Cities and communities must plan accordingly

REUTERS:  The World Health Organization approves a 15-minute Ebola test, in today's Reuters FYI:

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR:  When it comes to evolution, bigger really is better

BROOKINGS:  There is more common ground between the religious & global education communities than first meets the eye:
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DISCOVER MAGAZINE:  The concept of infinity is beautiful, but it's ruining physics:

REUTERS:  Italian privacy watchdog says to conduct inspections at Google U.S. offices

FORBES:  What FDA approval of 23andMe means for the future of genomics in medicine:

THE GUARDIAN:  Government to rush through guidelines to stop police snooping on journalists

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC:  Embracing stone age couple unearthed at one of largest Neolithic burial sites in Europe:

YALE UNIVERSITY:  Study shows sunlight continues to damage skin in the dark

CDC EMERGENCY:  CDC's CHEMPACK program ensures the U.S. is prepared for the possibility a chemical attack

FINANCIAL TIMES:  Front page of the Financial Times US for Saturday, February 21

BLOOMBERG:  The Dow Jones has hit a record high

FINANCIAL TIMES:  beyondbrics:  Guest post: Indonesia’s intractable digital deficit

REUTERS:  Apple hiring big brains in car battery space

FOREIGN POLICY:  Centcom details plans for retaking Islamic State-held Mosul. @K8brannen & @SeanDNaylor report.

BLOOMBERG:  Legal weed may be coming to a state near you

INC-COM:  Innovation Lessons from Minolta's Game-Changing Camera @IlanMochari

RAND CORPORATION:  US didn't defeat #Taliban after 13 yrs in #Afghanistan. So it may be unrealistic to expect #Pakistan to

BREAKING DEFENSE: The Biggest Thing Since Silicon: Raytheon’s Gallium Nitride Breakthrough

MIT NEWS: Fibers made by transforming materials. New approach could enable low-cost silicon devices in fibers that could be made into fabrics.

MIT NEWS:  Epigenomics of Alzheimer’s disease progression. Study of epigenomic modifications reveals immune basis of Alzheimer's disease.

MIT NEWS: Taking technology from the lab to the patient. Daniel Anderson wants to bring advances in drug delivery and biomaterials to the clinic.

RAND CORPORATION:  Improving antipsychotic drug adherence among #schizophrenia patients could save states net annual $3.28B

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Venture capitalist Bill Gurley says "FOMO" is driving up startup valuations:

FORBES:  As connected cars become more prevalent, entirely new business models open up:

THE ECONOMIST: Arctic ice is melting fast, and the sea is duly awakening. This is good, bad, and unstoppable

TIMES SCIENCE:  Philosopher helps teach morality to driverless cars

GIGAOM:  Don't let AT&T mislead you about its $29 "privacy fee"

BUSINESS INSIDER:  cuts Russia to 'junk'

BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON:  As #machines spin off more #bigdata, #industrial #manufacturing companies can use #analytics to generate more revenue

IEEE: Mind and Machine: The Future of Thinking: How we are made to interact with machines

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:  Electronic Medicine Fights Disease
Stimulation of the nervous system could replace drugs for inflammatory and autoimmune conditions

SLATE:  42 Percent of Americans Are Wrong About Drones


NEW YORK TIMES:  Astro Teller, Google’s ‘Captain of Moonshots,’ on Making Profits at Google X

IEEE SPECTRUM:  Facebook AI Director Yann LeCun on His Quest to Unleash Deep Learning and Make Machines Smarter

BLOOMBERG:  A quarter of the U.S. may soon live where weed is legal

TECHCRUNCH:  Apple said to be planning OS X-like public beta seed program for iOS, too

POPULAR MECHANICS:  The world's largest airship may soon fly once more. Here's why

AMERICAN MANAGEMENT:  The Secret to Great B2B Content. (via @MarketingProfs) #Marketing #Management |

PHYS-ORG:  Squid recode their genetic make-up on-the-fly to adjust to their surroundings

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Florida has plenty of sunshine, but ranks 13th in installed solar capacity, at 229 megawatts.

FRANCE 24:  'Exponential rise' in Syria war crimes: UN probe

TECHCRUNCH:  The Net Neutrality Quiet Period

UC BERKELEY:  Soft-spoken ‘planet warrior’ @TomSteyer says ‘big mo’ beats big money

LINKEDIN:  @Cisco CEO John Chambers

TECHCRUNCHER:  RapidMiner, provides what it describes as “code-free” analytics tools

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:  The home screen is the new home page

THE DIPLOMAT:  Is There a Silver Lining to China’s South China Sea Land Reclamation?

THE ECONOMIST:  Two colossal scientific mysteries collide: did dark matter do away with the dinosaurs?

THE ECONOMIST:  Why it is time for the mainstream theory of economics to catch up with its students

BBC NEWS:  The rise of Australia's visual effects industry

TED:  How to bring your mind into the present moment and let go of stressful thoughts:

STANFORD UNIVERSITY:  Foster staff longevity by arranging for workers to switch roles with one another

REUTERS:  Exclusive: U.S. health officials push for stricter 'superbug' defense

NEW YORK TIMES:  Technophoria: Bringing Big Data to the Fight Against Benefits Fraud

POPULAR MECHANICS:  They're Building a 4,400-Mile Railway from Moscow to Beijing

WIRED:  This video doorbell lets you use your phone to see who's there. Our review:

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC:  Hunting for alien life on Europa:

INTEL:  Software upgrades will soon be streamed as vehicles are parked overnight.

Brazil may be turning a corner and embracing free trade; watch the new video here:

DISCOVERY NEWS:  How We Know So Much About Planets That Are Super Far Away:

CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT:  #Putin the Improviser |

STRATFOR:  Water stress is a limitation that Mexico will be forced to overcome to reach its full economic potential.

THE ECONOMIST:  Why fight so hard for a slice of another country’s rust-belt? What Russia is up to in Ukraine

CNN MONEY:  Why Goldman Sachs' CEO cares so much about Greece staying into the eurozone

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Canada Unveils an Oil-Train Safety Tax

THE ECONOMIST:  Have the wheels come off Rolls-Royce?

CATO INSTITUTE:  Mega drought in the Pacific Southwest? @CatoCSS's @CatoMichaels comments:

HARVARD UNIVERSITY: Mysterious link between galaxy and black hole

DELOITTE:  Learn about the role of the data broker and how data is used at Deloitte’

LOS ANGELES TIMES:  Feds slam Japanese maker of faulty airbags

MARKET WATCH:  Crude-oil prices are dropping, but inventories are soaring. Here's why:

NBC NEWS:  New killer virus found in Kansas

HERITAGE FOUNDATION:  @Walmart Is Giving Raises. How That Shows the Market Works - via Mitchell Tu

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR:  800,000 customers of Obamacare website got wrong tax data, administration says

LIVE SCIENCE:  Uterine Fibroids: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

CNBC:  How Saudi Arabia can withstand the shale oil boom »

YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR:  Want to be a millionaire by age 30? It can happen:

ENGADGET:  The Big Picture: Astronauts pilot a jetpack in virtual reality

CATO INSTITUTE:  How are small banks faring under Dodd-Frank?

BBC NEWS:  Warnings issued for wintry weekend


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