Monday, February 16, 2015

FUTURISM UPDATE (February 17, 2015) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon, LinkedIn 

 LINKEDIN: The State of the Future (February 17, 2015 Update!)
 BUSINESS INSIDER:     HUGE SPY PROGRAM EXPOSED: NSA has hidden software in hard drives around the world

  CANCER RESEARCH:    Stem Cell Transplantation Reverses Chemotherapy-Induced Cognitive Dysfunction

  Gold nanotubes launch a three-pronged attack on cancer cells

  NEW YORK DAILY NEWS:       Just click print: World’s first drivable 3D-printed car goes from computer to road in just 44 hours

  TED:      Traditional lab tests for disease diagnosis can be too expensive and cumbersome for the regions most in need. George Whitesides' ingenious answer is a foolproof tool that can be manufactured at virtually zero cost.

  Apple will buy Tesla for $75b in 18 months (prediction)

  GIZMAG:     Harvard team successfully reverses the aging process in mice
 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN:      Five Common Myths about the Brain. Some widely held ideas about the way children learn can lead educators and parents to adopt faulty teaching principles

  3-D PRINT-COM:   SOLS Unveils ADAPTIV, 3D Printed Robotic Adaptable High-tops
 SAS:     The Internet of Things is not just for consumers
  POPULAR SCIENCE: Amateur Astronomers Discovered A 120-Mile-Tall Plume Coming Off Mars. Almost nothing like it has ever been observed on the red planet before
   SALON-COM: Noam Chomsky: America paved the way for ISIS. The famed linguist and philosopher on the conflict in Iraq, Israel and the myriad dangers of U.S. foreign policy
   THE ECONOMIST:   Many satellites launched for important purposes are still limping along in need of retirement 
   LIVE SCIENCE:   The brains of criminals are not like yours. 
   DISCOVERY NEWS:   How Far Do Mars Rovers Travel Before They Die? 
   WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:  Why has #globaltrade slowed down?
   THE TIMES OF LONDON:  Alzheimer’s could be stopped by ‘statin’ pill
   REUTERS:   Asian supply lines hit by West Coast ports dispute
   FORBES:  Contrary to popular belief, leadership isn’t always a natural-born trait:
   FORTUNE MAGAZINE:  China has a new taxi app monopolist - and it isn't Uber
   HERITAGE FOUNDATION:   13 Charts Measuring Economic Freedom Around the Globe - 
   THE GUARDIAN:  Unemployed will have to do community work under Tories, says Cameron
   STANFORD UNIVERSITY:   How data analysis can help lower patients’ risk of hospital readmission
   NEW YORKER:   The Shape of Things to Come. How an industrial designer became Apple’s greatest product.


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