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FUTURISM UPDATE (January 29, 2015) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon, LinkedIn

 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: Will North Korea leader Kim Jong-un's Russia visit boost ties?

 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Chemists Confirm the Existence of New Type of Bond. A “vibrational” chemical bond predicted in the 1980s is demonstrated experimentally

 MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Advance Doubles the Longevity of High-Energy Electric Car Batteries. Researchers solve key challenges with energy-dense lithium-air batteries.

 NEWS OBSERVER: White House drone crash tied to drinking by intelligence agency worker

 BROOKINGS: differing US & Japanese perspectives on #China’s economy & politics:

 MIT SLOAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW: If You Think Big Data’s Challenges Are Tough Now……you should recognize that it’s only going to get tougher as data from sensors and smart devices becomes more prevalent.

 NETWORK WORLD: IBM Research celebrates Data Privacy Day by launching Identity Mixer, a new privacy technology that provides privacy-preserving user authentication.

ENGADGET:   Canada's digital spies are watching what you download 

CHINA DAILY EUROPE:  Lower oil prices a boon for China's economy

 Robotbase's Personal Robot Promises Tons of Features, Impressive Hardware

POOR EURABIA, POOR EURO.    SPIEGEL: Draghi's Dangerous Bet: The Perils of a Weak Euro

FINANCIAL TIMES:   Uncertainty on oil unsettles investors

 MORE BELLIGERENCE WITH RUSSIA. THE MOSCOW TIMES: EU Draft Would Extend Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine Escalation

ISRAEL'S HOMELAND SECURITY:   Russia is Developing a Hypersonic Missile


THE TELEGRAPH:  Pill to switch off hunger possible as 'anti-appetite' molecule discovered.  Dieters could soon benefit from a pill that switches off hunger after scientist found that fibre reacts with the gut to produce an 'anti-appetite' molecule

 CHINA DAILY EUROPE: Hungary eyes new gas route from Russia via Turkey

 CHINA DAILY EUROPE: Greece halts port sale to China

 REUTERS: How do you fix the shrinking [AND GENTRIFYING AND LUMPENFYING ANS STUPEFYING] middle class? Bring back long-term careers:

 FORBES: The Big Data Mistake In The Internet Of Things

NEW SCIENTIST:    LA rivers alone dump 30 tonnes of plastic into the Pacific every day 

 LINKEDIN: The State of the Morrow, Now

NOBODY ON GOOGLE AND SINGULARITY UNIVERSITY KNOWS THE SUBJECT BETTER THAN BILL GATES.   CNET: Bill Gates is worried about artificial intelligence too. Microsoft's co-founder and former CEO is the latest luminary from the world of technology and science to warn against the threat of smart machines.

DO NOT BE SO NAIVE. INDIA WILL EXPLOIT RUSSIA, CHINA, GERMANY, THE U.S., AND BRAZIL, STUPID.  THE ECONOMIST:   IMF predicts India's growth will outstrip China's in 2016—a good time for Mr Obama to drop by 

U.S. GOVERNMENT EXTREMELY CONCERNED ABOUT EUROPEAN ECONOMIES. REUTERS:  The United States urged the countries of Europe on Wednesday to try harder to help their sagging economies through fiscal policy and by enacting economic reforms. "Right now you've got several tools that are not being fully utilized," U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said in an interview with the BBC World Service's Newshour. He noted that European authorities were stepping up use of monetary policy, but that there was still more room to help growth by using budget tools and reforms.  "All of the levers that can be used need to be used," he said.

POPULAR SCIENCE:       Did An Armed Chinese-Made Drone Just Crash in Nigeria?

 AS THE EURO IS FALLING, EURABIA AND EURABIAN NATO ARE LOSING. REUTERS: Ukraine looking more like Poland on the brink of World War Two

REUTERS:   Greek PM Tsipras freezes privatisations, markets tumble

THE GUARDIAN:    North Korea may be restarting reactor which produces nuclear bomb fuel.  US research institute says recent satellite imagery shows possible signs of reactor activity

THE GUARDIAN:    Bank of England governor attacks eurozone austerity. Mark Carney says eurozone is caught in a debt trap and should ease hardline budget cuts just days after the Syriza election directly challenged policy


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