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FUTURISM UPDATE (January 17, 2015) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon, LinkedIn

 Programmable 3D-printed tissues and organs using DNA ‘smart glue’

 Planets outside our solar system more hospitable to life than thought

 ‘Methuselah fly’ created by selecting best cells. Could open new possibilities in human anti-aging research

 BPA and BPS plastics affect embryonic brain development in zebrafish, linked to hyperactivity. "Our results show that BPA-free products are not necessarily safer and support the removal of all bisphenols from consumer merchandise"

 BBC NEWS: Robotic age poses ethical dilemma. An ethical code to prevent humans abusing robots, and vice versa, is being drawn up by South Korea.

 ORGAN PRESERVATION ALLIANCE: Department of Defense Opens First-Ever Organ Banking Grant Programs Today

 Market for IoT Analytics to Reach US$5.7 Billion in 2015, with Startups Driving the Innovation, According to ABI Research -

 NEW YORK TIMES: The Swiss Give a Scary Lesson on the Limits of Central Banks

 COMPUTERWORLD: Google teams up with PwC on military cloud bid. U.S. Department of Defense looking to build new cloud-based medical record system.

 TECHCRUNCH: China Will Launch A $6.5B Venture Fund To Support Startups

 ISRAEL HOMELAND SECURITY: China’s 10 DF-31 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles Alarm US

DER SPEGEL:   Gorbachev Interview: 'I Am Truly and Deeply Concerned'   In a SPIEGEL interview, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev discusses the dangers of poor relations between Russia and the West in the Ukraine crisis, saying there is a danger that things could get worse. Germany, he says, has a significant role to play.

 ISRAEL HOMELAND SECURITY: High degree of security alert in the U.S following Paris attacks

 ISRAEL HOMELAND SECURITY: News coverage using UAV’s gets boost

 ISRAEL HOMELAND SECURITY: Safe City meets Big Data on the corner of Video Analytics

 REUTERS: Alibaba in major initiative to court China consumer for U.S. retailers

ISRAEL HOMELAND SECURITY:        The “Double Nuclear threat” posed by ISIS

 MAX PLANCK INSTITUTES: Abell 4067 shows collision of two galaxy clusters. X-ray observations by Max Planck scientists show how the two systems merge

 MAX PLANCK INSTITUTES: A study at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen sheds new light on the hierarchy of the senses

 BBC NEWS: Xiaomi: A beginner's guide to 'China's Apple'

BBC NEWS: Politicians are "cowardly" in their repeated ignorance of scientific evidence that may be unpopular with the public, Sir Paul Nurse has said. The Royal Society president and Nobel Prize-winning geneticist said politicians "must be honest" when disregarding scientists' findings.

 A PH.D. IS NOT ENOUGH TO GET A JOB. TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION: Dispel illusion of PhDs leading to jobs for life, says Royal Society


 POPULAR SCIENCE: Rapere Is An Anti-Drone Interceptor. Forget falcons; fight drones with drones

THERE WILL BE INFINITELY NO JOBS AT ALL.  POPULAR SCIENCE:  2015 Detroit Auto Show: You Might Be Able To Buy 3-D–Printed Cars In A Year. Local Motors is building "micro-factories" and plans to sell a printed electric vehicle in 12 to 18 months

 SPACE-COM: Is Moon Mining Economically Feasible?

 MORE LOSSES OF MANUFACTURING JOBS. FORBES: Tesla Gigafactory Permits Reveal Huge Costs: $16 Million For The Foundation Alone

 TECHCRUNCH: AstroPrint’s Cloud Platform Lets You Manage 3D Printing From Anywhere

 POPULAR SCIENCE: We Flew Two Top Secret Stealth Drones. You Can, Too. Simulations of secret aircraft

 HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW: How We’ll Really Feel if Robots Take Our Jobs


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