Thursday, July 31, 2014

Economist: Social Security Is Insolvent, In Worse Shape Than Detroit’s Pension Funds

Nanopropeller could be used for microscopic medicine

A ‘nanosubmarine’ that could deliver drug molecules to cells

A rice genome to feed the world

Brainwaves of a few people predict mass audience reaction to TV programs and ads

Turning Pollution into Plastic


Amazon Launches 3D Printing Services

A.P.:  CIA spied on Senate, internal review finds

REUTERS:  S&P500 index posts worst fall since April; indexes down for July

REUTERS: Argentine markets fall post-default, NY hearing on Friday

REUTERS: India's demands block $1 trillion WTO deal on customs rules

 The Wake-Up Call: Europe Toughens Stance against Putin

China's Enforcers

Climate change new engine of China, US ties

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How big data is going to help feed nine billion people by 2050

Direct Brain to Brain Communication Between Animals and Humans

How Facebook is evolving into a mobile ad giant

This Website Advertises A Bunch Of Jobs That Pay In Bitcoin

Lenovo's smart glasses prototype has battery at neck

Tiny UAVs and hummingbirds are put to test

10 Biggest CIO-CMO Relationship Hurdles

Beyond GPS: five next-generation technologies

Astrocytes — not neurons — found to control the brain’s gamma waves and some forms of memory

Simple vision-correcting overlay and algorithm could replace reading glasses for viewing devices

BBC: Bank of America's Countrywide to pay $1.3bn to US

Driverless cars will be on UK roads from January 2015

Robot 'learns to keep going with broken leg'

REUTERS: Argentina fails to reach debt agreement, default looms

REUTERS:  Moscow fights back after sanctions; battle rages near Ukraine crash site

REUTERS: Liberia shuts schools, considers quarantine to curb Ebola

Putin's Losing Streak

The Dishonest Broker

An Unnecessary Plague

Welcome to the Third Intifada

Libya on the Brink

The hackers who recovered NASA's lost lunar photos

CNN: Number of 9/11-related cancer cases is growing

9 Things to Know About Reviving the Recently Dead

How much is Los Angeles Tech Booming? Funding up 163% and Deals Up 180%
CIOs, Companies Sharpen Skills for ‘Internet of Things’ Future

Freeman Dyson Predicts the Future

IPCC climate change report's findings must be accepted, MPs say

THE GUARDIAN:  Chinese hackers steal Israel’s Iron Dome missile data

Google calls for guinea pigs for ambitious 'Baseline' health study

6 Design Concepts From IDEO That Rethink Aging

An Ingenious Plane Design That Makes Room for Your Carry-Ons

Japan's Nuclear Roadmap To Economic Destruction

A Global Calculator To Help Countries Understand How To Strategize for Climate  Change

Google’s next map: a healthy human body

US is the new Switzerland

Shanghai Electric, Siemens Invest $226 Million in Wind Ventures

Printing the Metals of the Future

What is the Difference between Posthumanism and Transhumanism?

Man-made 'breathing' leaf is an oxygen factory for space travel

Google Attempts to Map Human Body

Is Safety Gratuitous and Long-lasting?  By the White Swan's book:

Bridging The Gap Between The Knowns With The Unknowns And Remained Victorious In The Process!

Stem cell advance may increase efficiency of tissue regeneration

Lifeboat Foundation Worldwide Ambassador White Swan Update and Published Amazon Author by Andres Agostini at AND

Monday, July 28, 2014


The Scottish government has announced funding for a initiative to reduce the cost of offshore wind energy.


Mapping the Spread of Drought Across the U.S.

Designing nanoparticles that can deliver drugs more easily

Social by the numbers: An interview with Sandy Pentland

Building 'invisible' materials with light

The prettiest science experiments of the year according to Princeton

Driverless cars, sexy robots, and flying trucks – this is the future

Gold Bugs Meet Bitcoin Believers to Supplant the Dollar

Qblinks - Smartphone Remote Notification and Control

Startups Are Finally Hacking Healthcare

Can you learn in your sleep?

REUTERS:  West agrees wider Russia sanctions as Kiev says forces near crash site

REUTERS: Israel strikes house of Hamas Gaza leader, digs in for long fight

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beijing Has Top-Secret View of China's Employment

How Hackers Hid a Money-Mining Botnet in Amazon’s Cloud

Scientists Just Reversed Paralysis

How a solar storm two years ago nearly caused a catastrophe on Earth

Air Algerie plane with 116 aboard crashes in Mali

The Next Big Thing in Hardware: Smart Garbage

Scientists use virus to grow natural pacemaker from heart muscle

Researchers fully 'delete' HIV from human cells for the first time

Complex cellular-molecular crosstalk of vertebrate regeneration

Graphene and related materials promise cheap, flexible printed cameras

Eyeglass Wearers Can Ditch Their Eyewear

Got an Old Satellite Dish? – Convert it to Your Own Radio Telescope

Holographic Displays Coming to Smartphones

IMF cuts US and global growth forecasts for 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Five reasons HarperCollins’ ecommerce is just part of a clever anti-Amazon strategy

Italy gives Google 18 months to comply with European privacy regulations

Yahoo buys mobile analytics firm Flurry

Stripe steps up PayPal rivalry with Australian launch

When Technologies Combine, Amazing Innovation Happens

Mysterious dance of dwarfs may force a cosmic rethink

Plants are talking and these sensors let us hear what they're saying

Law of physics governs airplane evolution

China set to be net investor

Noninvasive retinal imaging device detects Alzheimer’s 20 years in advance

More-efficient solar-powered steam

3D-printed-anatomy developers aim to revolutionize medical education

Apple posts $7.7 billion in profit, but all eyes look to new products in the fall

China and Switzerland sign currency swap agreement

REUTERS: U.S. court rulings create new uncertainty over Obamacare

REUTERS: Facebook's Zuckerberg to testify at N.Y. forgery trial: prosecutors

REUTERS:  EU antitrust regulators likely to step up Google probes: WSJ

REUTERS: Hacking experts build device to protect cars from cyber attacks

REUTERS:  Google must face U.S. privacy lawsuit over commingled user data

REUTERS: PayPal signs "ten of thousands" customers in Nigerian launch

Europe Treads Cautious Path in Confronting Russia

U.S. Intelligence No Closer to Pinning MH17 Downing on Russia

Economics 101: How The Cloud Is Changing More Than Just Technology
3D Printing Goes Big-Time for Small Production Runs

The Internet of Things May See Huge Growth, So Companies Want in Now

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Allysia Finley: How Government Is Making Solar Billionaires

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: 4 Industries Most in Need of Data Scientists

Schizophrenia's genetic 'skyline' rising: Suspect common variants soar from 30 to 108

Sunday, July 20, 2014

REUTERS: China appoints special envoy for Afghanistan

We know what you're thinking: Researchers reveal mind-reading device that can monitor short term memory in real time

The 'injectable foam' that could stop soldiers bleeding to death on the battlefield

The 'virtual reality' helmet that lets fighter pilots see in the dark without goggles - and knows exactly where its wearer is looking

Work and the Future: Who Will? Who Won’t?

Can robots replace human writers?

How your electronic DNA could be the secure login of the future

Twitter really wants to convince people it’s growing

Google shuffle gets fresh eyes on business goals

Google Offers A Free Crash Course In Android Development

California Hastens Tax Breaks to Lure Aerospace Industry

Systems engineer arrested in massive data leak in Japan

Wearable Tech Startups Don't Have Business Models to Drive Adoption, Researchers Say

Iran is pushing limits on nuclear deal, former Obama advisor warns

HIV establishes viral reservoirs with surprising speed

Practice Might Make You A Better Chess Player, But It Won't Make You Valedictorian

Here's What Happens When An Amoeba 'Eats' The Brain

Americans have witnessed over 100 mass shootings since 2009

Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Envy

REUTERS: U.S. presses case against Russia on downed jet as horror deepens

Climate data reflects trends of a warming planet

White House acts to help communities prepare for impacts of climate change

Lifeboat Foundation Worldwide Ambassador White Swan Update and Published Amazon Author by Andres Agostini at AND

Future Phone Displays Could Take Your Temperature, Analyze DNA

Intranasal nerve growth factor repairs injured spinal cord neurons

Kingston, Jamaica hybrid project to harness sun and wind

Hepatitis C cured in co-infected HIV patients

Scientists study how complexity developed from simple cell

Switzerland tops innovation rankings for fourth year

REUTERS: Iran warned of 'last chance' in nuclear talks after deadline missed

REUTERS: Ukraine, rebels argue over wreck, Europeans give Putin 'last chance'

REUTERS: Israel says Gaza has used up or lost half its rockets

THE ATLANTIC:  The Surprisingly Savvy Weird Al Internet Machine

THE ATLANTIC:  How Technology Will Alter the American Economy

BMW Sponsors Locally Supported 3D Printed, Auto Design


Studying Earth’s History Reveals a Past Mystery About Our Atmosphere and the Evolution of Life

Gene editing tool can write HIV out of the picture

US satellite may have located Ukraine missile launch

Londoners, look out for these giant digital eyes

In Gaza, a patriarch speaks of 'senseless' deaths of 8 family members

Can we predict volcanic eruptions? Scientists map underground magma flows.

Can you put top-secret satellites into orbit? The US Air Force might want to hear from you.

Sorry Canada, Amazon confirms Kindle e-book subscription service is U.S. only

New York first state to propose regulations for virtual currency

Ukraine Says It Can Prove Russia Supplied Arms System That Felled Jet

With Jet Strike, War in Ukraine Is Felt Globally

IBM in Tug of War Between Legacy and the Leading Edge

Google’s Quarterly Results Show Its Continuing Struggle With Mobile Advertising

Alibaba Said to Have Pushed Its I.P.O. Back to September

Dell Begins Accepting Bitcoin on Its Website

Edward Snowden Wants You To Ditch Dropbox For This Service

China And Argentina Are At 'A Historic Crossroads' In Their Trade Partnership Read more:

 German Foreign Minister: 'Further Escalation Not Out of the Question' in Ukraine

 The NSA in Germany: Snowden's Documents Available for Download

Spiegel: Intel agency suspected in alleged phone hacks of MPs

Experts see flaws in promising dengue fever vaccine candidate

A new cellular garbage control pathway with relevance for human neurodegenerative diseases

The twofold comet

Timing is not only ticking

A first direct glimpse of photosynthesis in action

Cellular defense against fatal associations between proteins and DNA

Former Soda Bottles Become Low-Cost Solar Lights

Danish People Really Do Have The Secret To Happiness: It's In Their DNA

Helsinki's New Plan To Eliminate Car Ownership

3 Ways IBM Plans To Tackle Beijing's Smog Problem

Mapping The World's Water Conflicts Shows Trouble Ahead

SLATE: Israel’s Deadly Gambits

SLATE: Why Is Modern Warfare so Deadly for Children?


Why Apple’s Swift Language Will Instantly Remake Computer Programming

Woman Grows A Nose On Her Spine After Stem Cell Experiment

Military To Scan Soldier’s Brains For Signs Of Disloyalty?

FORBES: When Amazon Acts Like A Start-up: Why Amazon Has Entered The Ebook Subscription Market

FORBES: Warren Buffett Shares The Inside Scoop: He Bought A Cadillac, Not A Subaru

FORBES: The Coming Artilect War

Friday, July 18, 2014

BOSTON GLOBE: Harvard scientists want gene-manipulation debate  Harvard scientists want gene-manipulation debate

BOSTON GLOBE: Downed Malaysia plane a ‘wake-up call,’ Obama says

BOSTON GLOBE: After hybrid success, Toyota gambles on fuel cell

BOSTON GLOBE: Japan to export missile parts to US

Prof. Hawking, the AIs will BE US

Students develop drone to locate survivors via their mobile phones

Underwater Drone to Hunt Down Enemy Subs

NATURE:  Quantum bounce could make black holes explode

Transplanting gene into injured hearts creates biological pacemakers

Is Earth’s Life Unique in the Universe?

The Smart Cities of the Future are Already Here

Lifeboat Foundation Worldwide Ambassador White Swan Update and Published Amazon Author by Andres Agostini at AND Contact:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nest’s Tony Fadell on Smart Objects, and the Singularity of Innovation

Controlling the Home, Google Style

A Robot With a Little Humanity

Criminal Software, Government-Grade Protection

Internet Of Things: What's Holding Us Back

Microsoft Slicing 18,000 Jobs: More Change Ahead

PayPal fuels higher eBay revenue even as cyber attack, rivals weigh

Humans Already Use Way, Way More Than 10 Percent of Their Brains

Flying spies: Surveillance planes after the Cold War

Why science needs imagination and beauty

Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash: Flight Shot Down Over Ukraine

Here's Google's plan to rid the world of cyberattacks

Fiat: We're not talking merger with VW

UK plans to build a spaceport

The classic VW Beetle goes electric

Gene Therapy Is Used to Adjust Pigs’ Heartbeat

Can Tetrahedrite Help Generate Cheap Thermoelectric Energy?

The Future Air Force Is Cooler Than Science Fiction

How Superstorm Sandy Gave Rise to Wireless Startup

REUTERS: Malaysian airliner downed in Ukraine war zone, 295 dead

Pakistan and China: A Precarious Friendship?

China's Role in the Middle East

China’s Goals in South America

 Hunting American Spooks: Germany Prepares Further Spying Clampdown

Lunar pits could shelter astronauts, reveal details of how 'man in the moon' formed

Tiniest catch: Scientists' fishing expedition reveals viral diversity in the sea

Microsoft Research demos Project Adam machine-learning object-recognition software

The world’s largest domed city

Global Trade Forecast Report - HSBC Global Connections

Meet Sverker Johansson, The Man Responsible For Writing 10% Of Wikipedia

How Big Data Brings Marketing and Finance Together

LIRR doc involved in $1 billion disability scam gets 8 years in prison

Feds declare big win over Cryptolocker ransomware

Why enterprise IT pros should fear Apple and IBM

Lifeboat Foundation Worldwide Ambassador White Swan Update and Published Amazon Author by Andres Agostini at AND

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How machine learning is saving lives while saving hospitals money

Meet the algorithm that can learn “everything about anything”

Three Teams To Develop Spaceplane Concepts for DARPA

Wisconsin scientists find genetic recipe to turn stem cells to blood

Novartis to license Google "smart lens" technology

Google Unveils Smart Contact Lens Project to Monitor Glucose

GE to Develop High-Volume 3-D Printer Plant for Jet Engine Parts

FORBES: Leadership, Talent And Personality: Three Lessons From The World Cup Final

REUTERS: HP interim Chairman Ralph Whitworth resigns to focus on health

REUTERS: U.S. FCC extends 1st deadline to comment on net neutrality

FORBES: California's Low On Water? Time to Fine the Water Resources Board Not Its Citizens

Holography Spells The Next Phase Of Innovation In Projection Technology

FASTCOLABS: How Machine Learning Can Teach Your iPhone To "See"

Virtual reality becoming a reality… Why everyone’s getting excited by the potential

This migraine tracking app acts like a doctor, connects you to one too

THE VERGE: Watch Boeing's 787-9 Dreamliner do things that would make you throw up

THE TELEGRAPH: US military try out futuristic robotic 'pack mule'

Microsoft developing 'smart headband for the blind'

British students help design the 'healthy home' of the future

Monday, July 14, 2014

Small E-Airplanes Take Flight but No Commercial Passenger Planes in the Near Future

The End of Retirement

Roger Schell on long-term computer security research

Samsung Suspends Ties With Chinese Supplier Over Child Labor

Students Create a Bio Printer To Test Drugs on Your Own 3D Printed Human Cells Rather than Animals

Survey Roundup: Cybersecurity Complacency Threatens M&A

Greenland Thaw

Emerging Internet Trends that will Shape the Global Economy

To Build a Robot Like Star Trek’s Data We Need to Perfect Soft Machine Technology

The next big thing in wearable tech may be ear computers

MIT Is Working On T-1000 Style State Shifting Robots With Google’s Robot

To Garden in Space We Need All Kinds of Robots

IBM's $3 Billion Investment In Synthetic Brains And Quantum Computing

Low-Power Color Displays

Miami, the great world city, is drowning while the powers that be look away

THE GUARDIAN: How technology in the home can improve health and social care

Getting a charge out of water droplets

Qatar spends big on American choppers and missiles

Rupert Murdoch Thinks You're Overreacting About Climate Change

Super Size Me: Now You Can 3D Print a Life-sized Model of Yourself

BUSINESS INSIDER: Google Has A $500 Million War Chest To Stop Amazon's Plan For The 'Showrooming Of Groceries'

Why Is Google Investing Half a Billion Dollars in Shopping Express?

BBC:  WTO rules against US in trade spat with China and India

BBC:  Sotheby's and eBay join to offer online auctions

BBC: 100 years of commercial aviation

BBC:  China's high-speed rail revolution

BBC:  Inside the latest Boeing Dreamliner

Anti-Missile Defense Systems – Can they work?

IBM Pours $3 Billion Into Future of Nanoelectronics

Researchers demonstrate novel, tunable nanoantennas

Computer memory that can store about one terabyte of data on a device the size of a postage stamp

Harvard Scientists May Have Just Unlocked the Secret to Staying Young Forever

Get Inside Whisper's Secret Economy

This Bot Has Written More Wikipedia Articles Than Anybody

REUTERS: Experts report potential software "back doors" in U.S. standards

REUTERS: U.S. web companies press demands for net neutrality with FCC

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Amazon Asks FAA For Permission To Test Its Delivery Drones

How DARPA's Brain Chip Could Restore Lost Memories

DARPA developing memory-restoring neural prosthesis

BBC: The ultimate comeback: Bringing the dead back to life

Use of Hydrogels to Replace Cartilage

ACCENTURE: Healthcare IT: Top Five Digital Trends Fueling Disruption in Healthcare

THE GUARDIAN: Unprecedented new powers in surveillance bill, campaigners warn

Kerry asks Netanyahu to avoid further escalation in Gaza

THE ECONOMIST: The internet of things (to be hacked)

THE ECONOMIST: The ghosts and the machine

The Army's Bioprinted Skin Is Almost Ready to Be Used on Soldiers

THE ECONOMIST: German lessons

How to Build Leonardo Da Vinci's Catapult

Brazilian Air Force F-5 Tiger jets will ensure World Cup 2014 final’s security

FORBES: $10,000 Is On Offer For Anyone Who Can Hack A Tesla Car

REUTERS: U.S., Iran say disputes remain in nuclear talks as deadline looms

REUTERS: Singing familiar songs may help prompt Alzheimer’s patients to speak

REUTERS: Female Yahoo executive sued for sexual harassment

THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: Did Buzz Aldrin really see a UFO? Technically, yes.

Dear President Obama: Secure The Border Now Or Risk Civil War

Optimal You

Capgemini, Accenture, HAVI and Entercoms make up the first-ever Winner’s Circle for Supply Chain BPO -

Here's A Crash-Proof Drone That Can Fly Almost Anywhere — Even Through Wreckage

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Chinese Businessman Is Charged in Plot to Steal U.S. Military Data

BBC:  Putin signs Argentina nuclear deals on Latin America tour

FORBES: Can A 50-Person Startup Threaten Oracle, IBM, And Microsoft?

FAA to Begin Evaluation of Unleaded Fuels for GA

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: New Zeppelins: Giants of the Skies Return

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Intel's Answer to iPad: Cheap Tablets

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: U.S. Accuses Chinese Executive of Hacking to Mine Military Data

MONEY:  Americans Want to Age in Place, and Your Town Isn’t Ready

MIT researchers build drones to light up photo shoots

TIME:  Building a Better Bullet

TIME: Kerry Warns ‘Significant Gaps’ Remain on Nuclear Deal With Iran

DIGITAL TRENDS: AT&T vs. Verizon vs. T-Mobile: Whose family plan will save you the most?
Read more:

TIME: Apple: Your Data Is Safe With Us, China

Thursday, July 10, 2014

IBM plows $3 billion into 7nm chip research and ‘post-silicon’ computer technology

Virtual body-hack lets you become someone else

New Technology Helps States Monitor Troubled Bridges

Watson Not Only Smart Machine In Town

Chipmaking Spending Boom Coming

IBM invests $3 billion to extend Moore’s law with post-silicon-era chips and new architectures

How to create ‘soft’ machines

REUTERS: Berlin tells CIA station chief to leave in spy scandal

REUTERS: Exclusive: Coastal flooding has surged in U.S., Reuters finds

Speeding up data storage by a thousand times with 'spin current'

Forget “OK Glass,” MindRDR Is A Google Glass App You Control With Your Thoughts

Researchers find evidence of super-fast deep earthquake

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Just Rejected Steve Ballmer's Big Plan

Regenerative medicine holds hope for the future

Naver CEO seeks cooperation between Japan and Korea for startup ecosystem

Surgeons see future applications for Google Glass

China's exports to continue rebound: official

REUTERS: China Inc borrows $14 trillion, overtakes U.S. as top corporate borrower: S&P

Stigmatized nuclear workers quit Japan utility

Innovator instigator Peter Lee shakes up Microsoft Research

Hologram assistants and drones to serve future staff

RoboHow is translating the internet for robot use

Revived NASA space probe might not go back to work after all

US Military Developing Brain Implants to Restore Memory

Nikola Tesla vs. Thomas Edison: Who Was the Better Inventor?

Just How Powerful Is The Reaper Drone?

Successful Results of Aging Research According to the Washington Post

Dwight D. Eisenhower’s sage advice indicates that “ … Plans are useless, but planning is everything ...”

For the future is not what will happen; the future is what is happening.

Thou shalt not think out-the-box, unless you are eager to embrace failure.

(Proverbs 11:14) “ … Where there is no guidance, a nation falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety ...”

The Uninsured Rate Has Massively Plunged Massively, And It's Now At The Lowest Point Gallup Has Ever Recorded

8 technologies that are on the way out -- and one that we'll never be rid of

10 evil supercomputers -- and their bloodthirsty plans for our demise

Chinese hackers break into US federal government employee database

Here's The Technology Of The Future That Could Crush Elon Musk's Dreams

Mars One Continues on its Path with Latest RFP Announcement for 2018 Lander

NEW YORK TIMES: Germany Demands Top U.S. Intelligence Officer Be Expelled

NEW YORK TIMES: Chinese Hackers Pursue Key Data on U.S. Workers

NEW YORK TIMES: IBM Wants to Invent the Chips of the Future, Not Make Them

BBC:  Google launches new venture fund for European start-ups

BBC:  UK admits that air quality targets will be missed by 20 years

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's time we conserve the building blocks of life.

The human brain’s remarkably low power consumption, and how computers might mimic its efficiency

NASA’s new astronaut-replacing robots, powered by Google Tango smartphones, launch into space this week

Foxconn is attempting to replace its human workers with thousands of robots

Nanoparticles breach blood-brain barrier as possible Alzheimer's treatment

MIT, MicroCHIPS develop remote-controlled contraceptive with on-off delivery

Unraveling atomic-scale edge structure of nanoscale graphene islands

The Astronomer Who Wanted to Rearrange the Solar System, Using Nukes

REUTERS: Former New Orleans Mayor Nagin gets 10 years in corruption case

REUTERS: Apple loses China patent case, separate suit against Apple continues

REUTERS: German court rules Motorola infringes antenna patent

REUTERS:  Senate Intelligence Committee approves cybersecurity bill

THE ATLANTIC: When These Experts Savage US. Drone Policy, It's Time to Worry

THE ATLANTIC: The Age of Erasable Books

THE ATLANTIC:  The Military Doesn't Want You to Quit Facebook and Twitter

THE GUARDIAN: Edward Snowden applies to extend stay in Russia, lawyer says

THE GUARDIAN: Amazon and Hachette take ebooks battle into public domain

THE GUARDIAN: Electric ‘Boris cars’ are coming to London – how do they work in Paris?

CNN: The new plague: Computer viruses that extort you

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: An operating room 'black box' the future of surgical procedure

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Samsung feeling the heat as cheaper competition catches up

THE INDEPENDENT: 'Mohammed Raghead' – the name the FBI were giving to Muslim-American 'Joe Bloggs'

THE INDEPENDENT: Alan Bond: The British engineer says he will revolutionise space travel – and he's building the rocket to do it

THE INDEPENDENT: NSA reportedly tracking any internet users who research privacy software online

THE INDEPENDENT: American drone policy could create a state of 'perpetual war', warns top US military officials

THE TELEGRAPH:  AI extends its unbroken record on World Cup predictions

THE SCIENTIST: Another Alzheimer’s Blood Test?

THE SCIENTIST: Protein Helps Cells Adapt—or Die

THE SCIENTIST: Mutations Pervade Mitochondrial DNA

AMERICAN SCIENTIST: Engines Powered by the Forces Between Atoms

AMERICAN SCIENTIST: Why Some Animals Forgo Reproduction in Complex Societies

AMERICAN SCIENTIST: Belles lettres Meets Big Data

AMERICAN SCIENTIST: Precision Medicine Takes Aim at Cancer

NATURE: LHC upgrades could reveal whether Higgs boson is 'standard'

NATURE: The malignant melanoma landscape

YAHOO FINANCE: 10 brands that will disappear in 2015

YAHOO FINANCE: China's Wanda to build $900 million complex in Chicago

BBC:  Bell Labs celebrates net speed record over copper lines

BBC: LG unveils child-tracking Kizon device

BBC: Syrian conflict: Key sarin ingredients sold by UK firms

You'll be able to learn a whole language eating a pill in the future

Microgrids offer cities resiliency, reliability, accessibility

THE NEW YORK TIMES: European Effort for Computer-Simulated Brain Draws Fire

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: As Moguls Descend on Sun Valley, Let the Deal-Making Commence

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: My Toothbrush Is Smarter Than Yours: Oral-B SmartSeries Bluetooth Toothbrush Review

THE WASHINGTON POST: The Switchboard: Report claims NSA, FBI secretly monitored American Muslim activists and academics

THE WASHINGTON POST: Chinese cyberspies have hacked Middle East experts at major U.S. think tanks

BUSINESSWEEK: The Quest to Build the World's Fastest Bike

BUSINESSWEEK: Wall Street's Lessons for Tinder and the Rest of Silicon Valley

BUSINESS INSIDER: BUSINESSWEEK: Wall Street's Lessons for Tinder and the Rest of Silicon Valley

BUSINESS INSIDER: Bacteria Could Provide A Powerful New Way To Fight Fat And Depression

FORBES: The Top Paying STEM Jobs For Recent Grads

FORBES: How Artificial Intelligence Could Change Your Business

INDIA TIMES: Nasa Builds World's First Flying Observatory

ACCENTURE: Growing Pains for Private Health Insurance Exchanges

TIME: Dish Network Slams Potential Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger

TIME: Here’s What John Kerry Can Learn from Hillary About Israel’s New Crisis

DW-TV: Man down: robots saving soldiers

DW-TV: Seeing less red: how new luminescence could give us LED light like the sun

DW-TV: CERN: The quest for dark matter

MIT finger device reads to the blind in real time

NASA finds friction from tides could help distant earths survive, and thrive

No extra mutations in modified stem cells, study finds

Microglia: the movers and shakers of the brain

Biologists link sexual selection and placenta formation

ENGINEERING: Airbus Receives Patent for Windowless Cockpits

ENGINEERING: Traffic lights: There’s a Better Way

ENGINEERING: The new atomic age: Building Smaller, Greener Electrons

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

3 Things You Should Know About The Network Economy

Google's new wearable project is a smart contact lens with medical uses

Neuroscientists Object to Europe’s Human Brain Project

Super Typhoon Threatens Three Of Japan's Nuclear Power Plants

Possible aircraft technologies of 2040

REUTERS: Wall St. slumps in broad decline, Dow under 17,000

REUTERS: Verizon: U.S. government made 150,000 customer info requests in 2014

REUTERS: Samsung, Intel, Dell team up on standards for connected gadgets

Securing the Smart Energy Grid Is a National Concern

Microwaves of the future count calories so you don't have to

Taking Past Lessons Learned, Amtrak Designs The Next Acela

REUTERS: Lacker says inflation moving toward Fed's target

This Artificial Intelligence Company Could 'Eradicate The Spreadsheet' And Do The Work Of A $250,000 Consultant

The Polar Vortex and Global Warming – Does One Disprove the Other?

DARPA Condensed an Entire Communications System Into This Dime-Sized Chip

An Urban Reality: Smart Cities

GE’s $1 Billion Software Bet

Google's founders on the future of health, transport – and robots

A newly launched satellite will reveal even more about the planet’s workings than originally planned

13 Predictions About The Future That Were Spectacularly Wrong - See more at:

 SPIEGEL Interview with Hillary Clinton: 'Surveillance on Merkel's Phone Was Absolutely Wrong'

Steve Wozniak: No one wanted to work under Steve Jobs ever again

The Ethics of Autonomous Cars

THE ATLANTIC:  Edward Snowden or the NSA: Who Violated Your Privacy More?

THE ATLANTIC: We're Already Designing Babies

THE ATLANTIC: Data Science: What the Facebook Controversy is Really About

CNN: Kill switch: breeding kamikaze mosquitoes

CNN: Uber cheaper than New York City taxi - for now

YAHOO FINANCE: Concern Over ‘Severe’ Pullback Sends U.S. Stocks Lower

YAHOO FINANCE: After Detroit, another city ponders bankruptcy

YAHOO FINANCE: United Airlines to outsource more than 630 jobs at U.S. airports

YAHOO FINANCE: Who's Next? Pot changes won't stop with Washington

YAHOO FINANCE: Belgium seeks meeting with France's BNP to discuss $9 billion U.S. fine

BUSINESSINSIDER: Here's Why Militaries Around The World Prefer To Buy Russian Weapons

Sand-based lithium ion batteries that outperform standard by three times

Astronomers bring the third dimension to a doomed star's outburst

Monday, July 7, 2014

THE GUARDIAN: Links with China: why Australian universities are leading the way

BUSINESS INSIDER: Future Food: How Scientists And Startups Are Changing The Way We Eat

Was During The Credit Bubble

NBC NEWS: Nine jobs that humans may lose to robots

3D-bioprinted blood vessels are a major step towards man-made tissues and organs

FDA approves first ever personal exoskeleton

Toyota develops high-efficiency ‘free piston’ no-crankshaft combustion engine… to power an EV

Brain study switches a woman's consciousness on and off with an electrical zap

Will Foxconn's Robot Factory Build the iPhone 6?

This Is How a 'Go-Around' Avoids Disaster at an Airport

MASHABLE: Australia Is the Party Drug Capital of the World

MASHABLE: NASA's Human-like Space Robot Pays Dividends on Earth

Knowledge Doubling Every 12 Months, Soon to be Every 12 Hours

FASTCOMPANY: UN Drug Report: Marijuana Legalization Will Increase Number Of Cannabis Users

A Step Towards a Possible Alzheimer’s Vaccine, Researchers Eliminate up to 80% of Senile Plaques in Mice

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Insurgents in Iraq Seizing Advanced Weaponry

How to Delete Yourself from the Internet

THE GUARDIAN: 3D printer drones will take to skies by 2040, claim BAE scientists

Researchers regrow human corneas in mice

A transistor material intended to replace silicon by 2024

Collaborative learning for robots

REUTERS: Merkel says U.S spying allegations are serious

INC:  The Top 10 Discoveries That Will Rock Your World in 2025

WIRED:  Ultra Low-Power Microserver to Tackle Big Bang Program’s Energy Needs

WIRED:    The Jet With a 17-Ton Telescope That NASA Uses as a Flying Observatory

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The Growing Dangers of Technological Unemployment and the Re-Skilling of America

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Sears Became a Real-Time Digital Enterprise Due to Big Data

Engineered red blood cells could carry precious therapeutic cargo

Supermassive black hole blows molecular gas out of a galaxy at one million kilometers per hour

Aging: Too Much Telomerase Can Be as Bad as Too Little

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

"The Artificial Intelligence Revolution.

By 2045 'The Top Species Will No Longer Be Humans,' And That Could Be A Problem


The Next 20 Years Are Going To Make The Last 20 Look Like We Accomplished Nothing In Tech

Chronos, Eurekas, Kairos, Blitzkriegs, and Techno-Sputniks!

What Jobs Will Robots Have in the Future?

Military robots and the future of war

What Jobs Will Robots Have in the Future?

The robots of the future won't look anything like the Terminator

How robots are changing search and rescue

How online 'chatbots' are already tricking you



Technology is set to challenge traditionally safe professions.

“Software substitution, whether it’s for drivers or waiters or nurses… it’s progressing,” Gates said. “Technology over time will reduce demand for jobs, particularly at the lower end of skill set… 20 years from now, labor demand for lots of skill sets will be substantially lower. I don’t think people have that in their mental model.”

Kelly believes the next 20 years in technology will be radical. So much so that he believes our technological advances will make the previous 20 years "pale" in comparison.

While science is certainly increasing knowledge, it's actually increasing our ignorance even faster.

Friday, July 4, 2014

China to Build Kilometer High Sustainable Tower

Goldman says client data leaked, wants Google to delete email

UK PM's ex-media chief Coulson jailed for Murdoch tabloid hacking

REUTERS: Germany arrests suspected double agent spying for U.S.: lawmakers

The coming digital anarchy

IBM Expects Nanotube Chip by 2020

New Bridge Design Improves Earthquake Resistance

Multicellular Computing Using Conjugation for Wiring;jsessionid=8836B9D73DEC896905C9BF0101A23EB2

Climate Exposure of US National Parks in a New Era of Change

Coastal winds intensifying with climate change, study says

Remote quantum applications, teleportation enabled by calling long distance between superconducting qubits

Germany summoned the U.S. ambassador in Berlin on Friday following the arrest of a man reported to have spied for the United States, heightening friction between the two countries over alleged U.S. eavesdropping in Germany.

Ribosome research in atomic detail offers potential insights into cancer, anemia, Alzheimer's

Ray Kurzweil: We want [computers] to read everything on the web and every page of every book, then be able to engage an intelligent dialogue with the user to be able to answer their questions.

The future will be far more surprising than most observers realize: few have truly internalized the implications of the fact that the rate of change itself is accelerating.

Japan scientists find ageing cure - for flowers

Nobel laureate: We've just scraped the surface on the potential of stem-cell therapy

"Strong Artificial Intelligence Superseding the Human Brain?"

Strong Artificial Intelligence Superseding the Human Brain?

New study reveals complex speech networks in the brain

Researchers asked 1,400 experts to describe the biggest threats to the Web. Here’s what they said.

North Korea is on everyone's radar screen. Why? Because while there is hardly an economy to speak of, there is the business of missile and weapons development that Kim has carved out to remarkable success.

As we all know, great jobs are getting harder to come by, and reaching the top is as competitive as ever. Merit may be necessary, but, as many of us canattest, it's unlikely to be sufficient. There are, after all, many more well-qualified people than there are high-level jobs to fill, especially more qualified BOTS.


Computers don't get tired; they don't get bored; they don't need coffee breaks or much sleep; and they have fabulous memories. They are content to crunch as much information as we shovel into them.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

An electronic switch just three atoms thick

The Infinium Phenomenon – A Start Up That Manufactures Rare Earth Metals

Freshwater Scarcity May Be Our First Climate Change Adaptability Challenge

Amazon's Drone Team Is Hiring: Look At These Nifty Job Ads

IBM: Commercial Nanotube Transistors Are Coming Soon

India to identify all citizens in three years, issue new biometrics card

SWITZERLAND GOT CHINA AS A CLIENT, NOT A GEOPOLITICAL ENEMY. Landmark Swiss-China free-trade deal comes into force

MASHABLE: The Mystery of the Facebook Manipulation Study's Military Connection

NSA Surveillance Led To Over 100 Arrests [Report]

Are Google And Amazon The Next Threat To Net Neutrality?

SLATE: Netizen Report: Researchers Uncover Mobile Phone Spyware in 60 Countries

Doomed Stars May Test Einstein’s Relativity

Boeing and NASA Sign $2.8 Billion Deal for SLS Rocket Core

How Bad Would a Housing Market Crash Be for China?

The Most Ambitious Artificial Intelligence Project In The World Has Been Operating In Near-Secrecy For 30 Years

China Seeks Great Power Status After Sea Retreat

How Can We Make Cities Quieter?

Tighter security for flights to US

Libya rebels return Ras Lanuf and Sidra oil terminals

CNN: Get to know your unconscious: Dream-reading technology that actually works?

One Doctor’s Quest to Save People by Injecting Them With Scorpion Venom

The Next Big Thing You Missed: Big Business Is Surveilling Itself With Swarms of Drones