Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UBC computer graphics innovations at SIGGRAPH

Researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) are presenting advances in computer animation and simulation, high dynamic range 3-D displays, and text-art design tools this week at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver, B.C.

A computerized digital design tool that combines images with readable, meaningful text — micrograms. The tool automatically generates readable micrograms starting from a vector image and text while providing a variety of optional high-level controls to the user.

A physics-based simulation that mimics a variety of canine motions, from walking, pacing, and trotting to jumping and leaping over obstacles. Using dual leg frame and flexible spine models, the real-time simulation tool is being used to develop life-like canine characters for games, film and simulations, in collaboration with Disney Research.
A better way to produce high-resolution simulations of flowing liquid that provides a method of constraining or guiding a high resolution liquid simulation to stay close to a finalized low resolution version. The method is generally faster than an unconstrained simulation and can be integrated with a standard fluid simulator.
Higher-resolution 3-D displays with greater depth of field through a tomographic optimization system that resolves inconsistencies between views, leading to brighter, higher-resolution 3-D displays with extended depth of field and improved dynamic range.

A new framework for simulating massively constrained systems of rigid bodies and strands, including an algorithm that improves the simulation of viscoelastic solids undergoing large, complex deformations when colliding. The method is effective for simulation of complicated contact scenarios involving multiple highly deformable objects, and can directly simulate volumetric models obtained from medical imaging techniques such as CT and MRI, the researchers said.


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