Monday, August 8, 2011

Public Release: The Future of Science, Technology, and Well-being 2020 Forecast Map

Science and technology (S&T) have been transforming human well-being in profound ways for all history. Yet, when many think about how science and technology will affect the future of well-being, their imagination is limited to the invention of new medicines. In last year’s ten-year forecast map, The Future of Science, Technology, and Well-being, we explore how exciting developments in S&T will transform the way we respond to health challenges. It was designed to inspire you to consider new possibilities, such as how technology can enable us to remake our bodies and minds; how social networks can be programmed to improve our individual and collective well-being; and how technology can provide us with high-resolution previews of the health risks and assets in our day-to-day environment.

We’re proud to announce the public release of 2020 Forecast: The Future of Science,and Well-being. To commemorate the occasion, we’re going to be diving deep into the map on our blog over the coming weeks and months. The maps is divided into the following 13 forecast areas:

Adaptive Encouragement
Biological Previews
Crowdsourced Research
Anticipatory Quarantines
Epigenetic Imprints
Diagnosing the Pre-sick
Automated Nourishment
Contagion Health
Optimizing Healthspans
Measuring the subjective
Augmented Environments
Replacement Parts
Programming Immunity


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