Wednesday, November 26, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 26, 2014) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon, LinkedIn

 FUTURE OBSERVATORY: How permanent stress may lead to mental disorders

 REUTERS: Two Minneapolis men charged with conspiring to support Islamic State

 CNN: Drone pilot wanted: Starting salary $100,000

 McKinsey: The bank of the future. Digitization is challenging the very way banks operate. Yet it also represents a significant opportunity,McKinsey’s Somesh Khanna explains.

 NETWORK WORLD: Big IT vendors mostly mum on commercial drone plans

 QUARTZ: An economist explains what the heck is happening to the global economy

 REUTERS: Microsoft to pay China $140 mln for 'tax evasion'

 WIRED: Genetics Suggest Autism Isn’t Just One Disorder—It’s Hundreds

 WIRED: This Electric Concept Car Could Finally Convince Americans to Buy Mitsubishis

 TECH CRUNCH: Why Virtual Reality Is Happening Now

 ZDNet: Harvard Medical professor and CIO on failure and massive transparency

 Computerworld: The tablet boom is over. You can blame slowing iPad sales for the global slowdown

My Date Questions Answered by a Female Robot?

ENGINEERING:   UAV on a leash - new ideas about aerial photography. Sergei Lupashin has a solution for the fundamental problems with UAV photography. First, he says, the issue of piloting needs to be solved. Next is regulation, or maybe the lack of regulation. In his TED Talk A flying camera…

 ENGINEERING: Are US gasoline pump prices actually high? Synthetic biology, genetic engineering and you: Two-component signaling pathways as elements in synthetic circuit design


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