Saturday, November 8, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 08, 2014)

 WIRED: Internet and Human Capability: A Study In Parallel Evolution

 FORBES: What To Do When Technology Becomes A Crutch In Business

 BUSINESS INSIDER: Here's The Evidence That The Tech Bubble Is About To Burst

 MASHABLE: Google's mystery barges were combustible death traps, report says

 BBC: Why India's Mars mission is so cheap - and thrilling

THE ECONOMIST:  Google Glass users have worse peripheral vision than those who wear glasses, a new study says. Holography could help

CNN:  Why Japan is on a U.S. stock buying spree 

 THE ECONOMIST: The FBI have closed down Silk Road 2.0-but are still losing the war against illicit e-commerce

 MOSCOW TIMES: Dollar Shortages Spread Amid Russian Ruble Collapse

 MOSCOW TIMES: Deputies Slam Russia's Central Bank Amid Official Hush on Ruble Woes

 BUILDING SMARTER PLANET: IBM’s China Lab Researchers Explain Project Green Horizon


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