Saturday, November 22, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 23, 2014) - Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

 THE ECONOMIST: Quantum biology. How quantum theory is helping to explain the mysteries of life science

 FOREIGN AFFAIRS: The Genetics Epidemic. The Revolution in DNA Science -- And What To Do About It

 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Neuronal "Superhub" Might Generate Consciousness. Could a thin, enigmatic layer of nerve cells be a key component of the networks generating conscious experience?

 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Amazon and Google Change Places on Going Green. Google recently explained its pullback on sustainability while Amazon has just announced a "long-term commitment" to achieve 100 percent renewable energy use

 FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Oxford University researchers trial drugs against Ebola

 FORBES: Cloud Computing Adoption Continues Accelerating In The Enterprise

 THE REGISTER: Renewable energy 'simply WON'T WORK': Top Google engineers. Windmills, solar, tidal - all a 'false hope', say Stanford PhDs

 IBM: Does ubiquitous connectivity mean less security? Take a closer look at today’s security risks—from new threats arising on the Internet of Things, to the sources of malware and botnet infections

 WALL STREET JOURNAL: Drones Sighted by Pilots Landing at JFK Airport in New York City Show New Risks. One Drone Came Within 5 to 10 Feet of a Jetliner’s Wing

 TECH CRUNCH: Makerclub Helps You Learn 3D-Printed Robotics

 IEEE Spectrum: DARPA Wants to Turn Military Planes Into Flying Drone Aircraft Carriers

 FUTURE OBSERVATORY: China unveils first amphibious UAV

 THE ECONOMIST: If Obama's actions really do defy the people's will, Republicans will soon be in a great place to undo them

 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Banking Culture Primes People to Cheat

 NEW YORK TIMES: In Change of Strategy, China Cuts Interest Rate

 WASHINGTON POST: How the United States can counter the ambitions of Russia and China

 BLOOMBERG: Printable Rockets, Brought to You by Geeks With Deep Pockets : IARPA unveils work on predictive intelligence

 GIZMODO: These Tiny Robots Are Designed To 3D Print Whole Buildings

 Archinect: Mini-robots may outcompete 3D printing in the evolution of construction


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