Wednesday, October 15, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (October 16, 2014)

MOSCOW TIMES: Russia Strengthens Air Defenses With Bases in Belarus and Central Asia

BBC:  Italy pushes ahead with 'next generation' biofuels from waste

BLOOMBERG: Five Reasons Icahn Says Apple Is Worth $1.2 Trillion

BOEING: Boeing and Samsung to Evaluate Mobile Technology for New Spacecraft!/news/2014/boeing-and-samsung-to-evaluate-mobile-technology-f

FAST COMPANY: China's Answer To Google Glass: Baidu Eye. With a camera that can identify physical objects, Baidu Eye could be handy for online shopping.

KAI: Bioinspired coating for medical devices avoids clotting and suppresses bacterial infection

KAI: Mars One design not feasible, MIT researchers find

KAI: Hypersensitive ‘smart’ material created from neural proteins

KAI: Creating e-noses using fruit flies

DER SPIEGEL:  Out of Balance? Criticism of Germany Grows as Economy Stalls


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