Thursday, October 2, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (October 02, 2014)

CIO:   Microsoft Wants You to Help Predict the Future, and Bet on it

FINANCIAL TIMES:  Robots are our saviours, not the enemy. The alternative is a world in which wages fall and prices rise, writes Peter Thiel

FASTCOEXIST:  8 Ways Rail Travel Could Evolve By 2050

PHYSICS WORLD:  Quantum data are compressed for the first time

BUSINESS INSIDER:  How 'Internet of Things' Startup Jasper Became A $1.4 Billion Company

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW: What We’ll Be Doing in 2022

AIRFORCE TECHNOLOGY:  Predator C Avenger Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), United States of America

THE BULLETIN:  From nuclear bombs to killer robots: how amoral technologies become immoral weapons

THE BULLETIN:  The seeds of failure in Syria and Ukraine were planted long ago

THE BULLETIN:  To limit—or expand—missile defense

DELL: Siemens Selects Dell OEM Solutions to Help Make Cities Worldwide More Livable and Sustainable

McKinsey & Company: Manager and machine: The new leadership equation. As artificial intelligence takes hold, what will it take to be an effective executive?

CIO:  U.S. Lags in Broadband Speed Due to Serious Lack of Competition. The United States lags behind 24 other countries in average broadband speed, according to new research. The reason? A serious lack of competition among U.S. broadband providers.

DAILYTECH:  Microsoft Predicts the Future with New Software

THE GLOBE AND MAIL:  Chipmaker ARM pushes software to secure the Internet of Things

THE GLOBE AND MAIL:  ARM's low-power 'flycatcher' chip step toward 'Internet of things'

THE GLOBE AND MAIL:  Samsung, Intel, Dell team up on Internet of Things standard

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR:  Antarctica's ice loss is messing with Earth's gravity, scientists say

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR:  Some of Earth's water is actually older than the sun, say scientists

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR:   Do chimps have culture? (+video)

CIO:  Wearable Kidney Dialysis Machine Sent to Clinical Trials

Three D's – Decision Makers (Senior Leadership), Deciders (Management), and Doers (Users).

Evidence of Past Glaciation Found on Mars

KAI:  How to build a low-cost ‘cloaking’ device using ordinary lenses

KAI:  New molecule found in space suggests life origins

KAI: Can you out-think a computer in judging photos?

KAI: Do neurons see what we tell them to see?

KAI: First Ebola case diagnosed in US confirmed by CDC

KAI:  How cancer cells assure immortality by lengthening the ends of chromosomes

KAI: MIT researchers design ‘perfect’ solar absorber

KAI:  Massive electrode array system will do first large-scale network recording of brain activity

THE GUARDIAN:  Hackers charged with stealing over $100m in US army and Xbox technology

NEW YORK TIMES:  As PayPal Spins Off, Apple Pay Signals New Era at Cash Register

New Free resources from IBM help you take the guesswork out of measuring Social Media's impact on what really matters: Sales!

MOSCOW TIMES: Russia to Form Arctic Military Command by 2017

MOSCOW TIMES:  U.S. Air Force Working on Plan to Kill Reliance on Russian Rocket Engines

LINKEDIN: "Outright Conquering Success — 468 Easy Tips!" by @SciCzar

DER SPIEGEL:   Bridge to Nowhere: Are EU Subsidies for Andalusia Well Spent?

CIO:   CBS Interactive CIO Says Shadow IT Is an Opportunity

WIRED:  One Doctor’s Quest to Save People by Injecting Them With Scorpion Venom

Ex-Homeland Security Chief Says Energy Industry Under Increasing Threat of Cyber Attack

GIZMODO:  Could a Simple Pill Make You Mentally Stronger?

PHYS ORG: Driving cancer cells to suicide

RAMPANT GEOPOLITICS. YAHOO NEWS:  Report: Advanced iOS Virus Targeting Hong Kong Protesters

WIRED:  New Quadcopters Arrive Just as US Eases Its Ban on Camera Drones

NETWORK WORLD: Alcatel-Lucent sells enterprise networking unit to China Huaxin

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  How College Major, Field and Job Affect Annual Pay

THE TIMES:  Drug offers hope in cutting cholesterol

FINANCIAL TIMES: When Chinese competition threatened his business, one man refused to accept defeat

COMPUTER WEEKLY:  Internet of things will drive forward lifestyle innovations

LINKEDIN: Making Baby-Steps an Entrepreneurial Success!

LE MONDE:  In English : Revelations on the French Big Brother

FRANCE 24: Philips ordered to pay $467 mln in Masimo patent trial

CIO:  3D Printed Skin Holds Promise for Burn Victims and Others

NASDAQ:  JP Energy Partners LP prices IPO at $20 midpiont

SAP:  Top 10 Strategic Workforce Trends for 2020 from Oxford Economics - See more at:

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