Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Breakthrough Improves Viability of Hydrogen as a Fuel Source

Running cars on hydrogen rather than oil has long been the dream of many in the science and environmental communities. But hydrogen remains an impractical fuel alterative, because in gaseous form it’s hard to get enough of it onboard a vehicle to power the car over a significant distance. In liquid form, hydrogen can be very dangerous and can’t be stored for long periods.

Many in the field have focused on developing liquid ammonia compounds that can store hydrogen safely. Scientists at Los Alamos National Lab have claimed that they have made a breakthrough in this area that could make increase the viability of hydrogen as a fuel significantly.

The chemical compound ammonia borane has a relatively high hydrogen storage capacity but is prohibitively expensive. The Los Alamos scientists have found a way to return hydrogen (in sufficient volume) to spent ammonia borane, thus making the fuel usable again, so spent fuel can be repeatedly recycled.

The car of the future may include an ammonia borane tank that can be used and sent back to the factory for recharge at relatively low cost.

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