Monday, June 30, 2014

Muscle-powered bio-bots walk on command

Crowdsourcing for robots

Giant space telescope could detect hints of life on exoplanets

California governor signs bill to bring bitcoin and other currency into fold

It's Not Magic: Watch How Parts Assemble Themselves

Meet the future of public transport: electric cycles with onboard tablets

10 Breakthrough Innovations That Will Shape The World In 2025

Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2014

8 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Change Everyday Life

Teaching Robots Tasks – Researchers Turn to Crowdsourcing

Google, Detroit diverge on road map for self-driving cars

Supreme Court Rejects Contraceptives Mandate for Some Corporations

When a Health Plan Knows How You Shop

Americans Think We Have the World’s Best Colleges. We Don’t.

How Opposite Energy Policies Turned The Fukushima Disaster Into A Loss For Japan And A Win For Germany

Gartner’s top 10 security technologies for 2014

Sunday, June 29, 2014

8 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Change Everyday Life

Billions To Soon Be Invested In 3D Printing Research and Development

Iraq Says Russian Experts Have Arrived to Help Prepare Jets for Fighting

Encouraging News Headlines on the Renewable Energy Front

Facebook tinkered with users’ feeds for a massive psychology experiment

GERMANY AND CHINA DOING MORE TRADE AND COMMERCE AND SOFT POWER. President Xi calls on China, Germany to build Silk Road economic belt

The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% - ex CIA spy

MORE FINANCIAL-SECTOR CORRUPTION: BNP Paribas to be 'punished severely', says boss

Nasa’s out-of-this-world plan to rescue a Space Shuttle

"Four Scientists in the Non-'Black Swans' to Expect!" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

Corporate Boards Race to Shore Up Cybersecurity

Drone Dogfight: Big Defense Firms vs. Techies

China's 'New Silk Road' Vision Revealed

History Lessons for China and Japan

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The quantum cryptography arms race has begun

A 36-core chip design with an Internet-style communication network

Wearable computing gloves can teach Braille, even if you’re not paying attention

Ultrasonic waves allow for precision micro- and nano-manufacturing of thin-film chips

Microsoft Makes Bet Quantum Computing Is Next Breakthrough

Nuclear-Leak Investigators Shift Sights to Los Alamos Lab

Beating Tornadoes – Great Wall Proposed Across American Midwest

The Internet Of Things Will Radically Change Your Big Data Strategy

Ukraine Signs Trade Agreement With European Union

Can Netanyahu find Israel's three kidnapped teenagers without destroying his own government and tearing the West Bank apart?

If Japan Wanted to Build a Nuclear Bomb It'd Be Awesome at It

It’s time for NATO to get involved in Syria and Iraq, perhaps even putting limited Special Forces troops on the ground.

Why we should be worried about the Japanese prime minister's move to amend the constitution.

WHILE FORD MOTORS AND GM ARE LOOSING THE SHIRT: New Hyundai Sonatas rolling out of super-busy Alabama plant

Government watchdog: U.S. slipping in nuclear energy innovation

The Space-Based Quantum Cryptography Race. Europe and China are gaining the upper hand in the race to bounce perfectly secure messages off satellites in low Earth orbit.

Elon Musk Is Opening A New Front In His Lawsuit Against The Air Force
Read more:

A Mexican Military Helicopter Entered The US And Fired On Two Border Patrol Agents Read more:

Higgs Boson Looks “Standard,” but Upgraded LHC May Tell a Different Tale

Beating human hearts grown in a lab: Tiny organs are being infected with disease to test pioneering drugs

Higgs Boson Looks “Standard,” but Upgraded LHC May Tell a Different Tale

These Cute Little Drones Could 3-D Print a House

What our descendants will deplore about us

8 Star Trek Technologies Moving From Science Fiction To Science Fact

Ray Kurzweil Says He’s Breathing Intelligence into Google Search

Carlos Slim Buys Out AT&T’s Stake in América Móvil

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A self-powered cardiac pacemaker

Google innovations at Google I/O

Ray Kurzweil - Biologically inspired models of intelligence

Are the robots about to rise? Google's new director of engineering thinks so…

Michio Kaku (2014) "The Future of the Mind"

Five Ways IBM Watson is Revolutionizing Health

NASA Preparing Satellite to Monitor How the Planet Breathes

As Robotics Advances, Worries of Killer Robots Rise

How 21st Century Technology is Changing Education

Breakthrough in neuroscience as paralysed man becomes first to use power of thought to move hand

Future Soldiers May Wear Bulletproof Spider Silk

The Controlled Chaos of Creativity

Japan Could Lose 561 Plant Species by the Next Century

New technique allows decayed tooth to repair itself

Google’s Grand Plans: A Conversation With Google’s Larry Page and Sundar Pichai

Daily Report: Google’s Far-Reaching Agenda

Meet The Real Hackers Of Silicon Valley (And NYC, LA, And London)

Israel Is Building a Futuristic Transit System of Magnetic Pods

The promise, peril and real payback of Big Data

China finds $15 billion of loans tied to falsified gold deals

REUTERS:  German government cancels Verizon contract in wake of U.S. spying row

Yahoo looking to buy YouTube content provider for $250 million: Sky News

8 Internet Things That Are Not IoT

LG to Make a Consumer Version of Google’s 3-D Tablet

GM CEO Says Recalls Likely to Continue

THE NATIONAL INTEREST:  History's Warning: A U.S.-China War Is Terrifyingly Possible

Google’s Ray Kurzweil: The Business Of Extending Human Life Is Going Into “High Gear”

NOT WAY, JOELIE! Should Google Be Allowed to Mine Your Health Care Data?

There Are 'Tens Of Billions' Of Habitable Planets In Our Galaxy, Astronomer Seth Shostak Says

Your Doctor Knows You're Killing Yourself. The Data Brokers Told Her

DARPA Wearable Tech Suit Could Help Soldiers Run a 4-Minute Mile

The CIA Prepares to Launch Cloud Services

Massive Military-Funded Project Aims to Re-align Ailing Brains


Track Air Pollution With This Smart Umbrella

BBC:  Iraqi PM Nouri Maliki: Russian jets will turn tide

BRICK-AND-MORTAR PUBLISHERS WILL GO UNDER. Amazon accused of 'bullying' smaller UK publishers

We can send humans back to space … if we fund Elon Musk instead of Nasa

What should a 20-year vision for science and mathematics education look like?

U.S. Will Disband Terrorism Task Force in Philippines

U.S. Navy Air Warfare Center Seeking 3D Metal Printer

Watch this: prototype NASA robot prowls the underside of frozen lakes, oceans

Limb regeneration: do salamanders hold the key?

A super-stretchable yarn made of graphene

Modeling how neurons work together to perform movements: not as random as we thought

Woman or machine? New robots look creepily human

Russian billionaire initiative to create hybrid replicas of humans in order to obtain immortality

Delivering Capsules of Stem Cells Helps Repair Injured Bones

"Why Isn't the Milky Way Crawling With Mechanical or Biological Life?" --Stephen Hawking's Answer

Driverless Cars – Impact on the Insurance Industry and just about eveything else

Google's Nest Moves To Become Master Of The Smart Home, By Talking To Other Devices

How to Reconcile Big Data and Privacy

Brainomics: Hacking the Brain (and Autism) with Gene Machines

Perovskite Is the New Black in the Solar World

AIs Have Mastered Chess. Will Go Be Next?

We Will End Disability by Becoming Cyborgs

Robots Will Pave the Way to Mars

Wearable Computers Will Transform Language


Chris Harrison’s Time Machine

USC Scientists Create New Battery That’s Cheap, Clean, Rechargeable… and Organic

MASHABLE:  U.S. Economy Experiences Sharpest Drop in 5 Years

Google sets sights on TVs, cars and watches, beyond mere smartphones

MORE UNIVERSAL CORRUPTION, BOTH IN PRIVATE AND PUBLIC OFFICE:  U.S. charges two more in IBM insider trading case

REUTERS:  North Korean troops take aim at targets depicting U.S. soldiers

This Smart Yarn Makes Gadget Interactions Magical

Take a Closer Look at the Brain

A Simple Way to Combat Heat Waves in Farm Country

"Today Everything Is Relationship-Driven"

Microsoft Teams With American Family Insurance To Launch A Home Automation Accelerator In Redmond

TECHCRUNCH:  NSA Denies Any Record Of Snowden Emailing Superiors About Concerns

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Global Ocean Commission Tells Us What We Don’t Want to Hear

Gallup Examines the State of the American Consumer

This Band Of Small Robots Could Build Entire Skyscrapers Without Human Help

15 Ways The World Will Be Awesome In 2050

These Beautiful Charts Show The Emerging Technologies That Will Change The World

Cruise RP-1 Turns Even Your Car into an Autonomously Driven Vehicle

What the detection of gravitational waves means for our understanding of the universe.

Gartner Highlights Top Technologies for Information Security in 2014

NASA's Science Mission Directorate Cubesat Initiative

Photographer Documents The Eerie World Of Japanese Robotics

THE CATO INSTITUTE:  Instead of Meddling Endlessly in the Mideast, Washington Should Stop Trying to Fix Iraq and Everywhere Else

Australian researchers simulate a time-traveling photon

Proposal: Dynamic Brain Switching As a Method to Maintain Consciousness During Mind Uploading

You Won’t Believe It: DARPA Future Research Into Advanced Computers

The Revolutionary Quantum Computer That May Not Be Quantum at All

Boost Your Ears To Superhuman Levels With These Cyborg Ears

Can A Fitness Tracker Disguised As A Swiss Watch Solve The Problem Of Wearables?

Tally of Cyber Extortion Attacks on Tech Companies Grows

Canadian Judge Says Google Must Remove Links Worldwide

Hedge-Fund Hack Is Part of Bigger Siege, Cyber-Experts Warn

Pesticides linked to honeybee decline are affecting other species, scientists say

Monday, June 23, 2014

Diet restriction suspends development in nematode worms, doubles lifespan

Modeling how neurons work together to perform movements: not as random as we thought

A low-cost ‘super-resolution’ microscopic optical device

Smile! A Drone Is About to Take Your Picture

Bilderberg Group Worried about Nuclear War with Russia–

Hebrew University Student Invents World’s First Bacteria-Free Food Packaging

Now Elon Musk Is Building the World’s Biggest Solar Panel Factory

Smart Cities -- A $1.5 Trillion Market Opportunity

Mind-control: ‘I drove a car with my thoughts’

Drifting off the coast of Portugal, the frontrunner in the global race for floating windfarms

Researchers Develop Graphene Production Technique Even You Can Do

Pacemakers Without Batteries? The Technology is Coming Soon

The Crazy Things Your Future Credit Cards Will Do (Infographic)

Can 'Mixed Reality Living Spaces' fix our overcrowded future?

The Productivity Snag That Keeps Data Scientists Up At Night

CNN: Something that will NEVER happen to Germania and Scandinavia. 'Foreign Legion' in Iraq and Syria may bring jihad to West

BUSINESS INSIDER: Nine Nations Have Nukes — Here's How Many Each Country Has

TRANSFORM PETROLEUM IN OBSOLETE AND WORTHLESS.  Here's Why The Middle East Will Be 'On Fire' For The Foreseeable Future

Big Data Company Revenues to Hit $30 Billion in 2014$30-billion

The Only Things Standing Between Bank Of America And A $17 Billion Justice Department Fine

Clinically Dead? The Blurred Line Between Life and Death

Salamanders Give Clues to How We Might Regrow Human Limbs (Op-Ed)

U.S. missile defense system hits target in key test: sources

Passion Is Not Enough, as you need TONS of I.Q.

Reusable rockets and human spaceflight

China’s propaganda arm flexes its muscles in Canada

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Engines Powered by the Forces Between Atoms

Mutation Tied to Reduced Heart Disease

Insect-Inspired Sensors Improve Tiny Robot’s Flight

I'm a Scientist With Learning Disabilities and That's Okay!

China government executes 13 over terrorism, violent crimes

Why NASA Needs More Funding for Space Exploration

More female scientists in leading positions

AND WAIT FOR GOOGLE. Money: Facebook's Final Frontier. Why Payments, Not Virtual Reality, Are Its Next Holy Grail

Friday, June 20, 2014

How to Explain the Number of Financial Crimes on Wall Street

Traders say they are not "too big to fail", clearing houses may be

Retail banks' worst nightmare? Google

Thought-controlled robotic suits: How the first cyborg-type robot could help the physically challenged

Harvey, the robot farmer fixing the US labour shortage

Aging: The girls who never grow older

How Your Great-Grandchildren Could Talk to You Decades after Your Death

Four Space News Stories That Caught My Eye This Week

UK’s robot hothouse

Harley Previews ‘Concept’ Electric Motorbike

WRONG, BORDERS WILL BE CLOSED:  Smarter Cities of the Future Will Be More Open, Social

The Admiral Sets a Good Course

10 Ways To 'Fix' Cybersecurity

Sunbathing may have similar effects to drug addiction

Manhunt to bug hunt: Cop skills track nature's killers

Neanderthals evolved their teeth before big brains

Commercial quantum computer still awaits ultimate test

Physics: Bell’s theorem still reverberates

What Should Transhumanity regard as it’s Primary Goal?

Herschel discovers water-building molecule around dying stars

Draper Labs develops low cost probe to orbit, land on Europa for NASA

The Big Public Transit Promise For Google’s New Self-Driving Car

8 Tips For Making Virtual Reality Viable

The Hidden Biases in Big Data

Bioengineer Receives $2.9 Million Grant to Improve Brain Implants

A ‘Vaccine’ for Heart Disease Could Mean No Pills, Lettuce or a Gym

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Look Behind The FBI's Cyber Most Wanted List

Singapore Billionaire Bets Big on Energy in Africa, Asia

Oracle Sales, Profit Miss Analysts’ Estimates

Predictive data, the real workhorse behind the Internet of Things

Amid Stratospheric Valuations, Google Unearths a Deal With Skybox

In Single Gene, a Path to Fight Heart Attacks

A Helicopter of One’s Own

AT&T and Udacity Create Online ‘NanoDegree’ Program

Mercedes Debuts its Newest Supercar Engine

MakerBot and TechShop Join GE’s Collaborative Innovation Strategy

Justices limit patents on software technology

Twitter wants to be your TV companion

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Oracle Said to Near $5 Billion Purchase of Micros Systems

This Will Be A Huge Week For Apple, Facebook And Microsoft

Leukemia drug found to stimulate immunity against many cancer types

How background electrical brain noise drives our decisions

Synchronized brain waves enable rapid learning

The Next 20 Years Are Going To Make The Last 20 Look Like We Accomplished Nothing In Tech

First Major Mobile Banking Security Threat Hits the U.S.

What Does Moore’s Law Mean For the Rest of Society?

Autism Speaks Is Using Google Cloud Platform to Amass and Analyze a Trove of Autism-Related Genomes

Progress Made on a 'Bionic Pancreas' for Diabetics

The Revolutionary Quantum Computer That May Not Be Quantum at All

Intel's vision of our wearable future: From onesies to wetsuits

Inside the Secretive R&D Lab Behind the Amazon Phone

Elon Musk's SolarCity to acquire panel maker Silevo

With light echoes, the invisible becomes visible

PROGRESS OVERKILLS ETHICS: MIT Technology Review: Laws and Ethics Can’t Keep Pace with Technology

Washington Post: The rise of big data brings tremendous possibilities and frightening perils

FOX Business Interview: How robots will change our lives

Washington Post: Why I’m excited about the promising future of medicine

The Economist debate: Goldman versus Google: A career on Wall Street or in Silicon Valley?

Inside the Secretive R&D Lab Behind the Amazon Phone

Elon Musk's SolarCity to acquire panel maker Silevo

With light echoes, the invisible becomes visible

PROGRESS OVERKILLS ETHICS: MIT Technology Review: Laws and Ethics Can’t Keep Pace with Technology

Washington Post: The rise of big data brings tremendous possibilities and frightening perils

FOX Business Interview: How robots will change our lives

Washington Post: Why I’m excited about the promising future of medicine

The Economist debate: Goldman versus Google: A career on Wall Street or in Silicon Valley?

Nonlinearly Amused?

The Next Big Thing You Missed: A Social Network That Could Truly Reform Our Schools

A Slick Concept for a Wristband That Manages Your Money

Superconducting secrets solved after 30 years

NASA Update on Asteroid Redirect Mission

Hottest Spring On Record Globally, Reports Japan Meteorological Agency

Critics Warn Starbucks Employees To Read The Fine Print Of New Tuition Plan

"Charlie Rose into Bewilderment!" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

QUESTION: Lucrative Drones?

Musk announces plans to build ‘one of the single largest solar panel production plants in the world’ and send people in Mars in ten years

Targeting tumors using silver nanoparticles

Discovery of abnormal GABA levels may lead to improvements in diagnosing, treating Alzheimer’s disease

Algae can switch quantum coherence on and off

Single dose of sleeping-sickness drug reverses autism-like symptoms in mice

"An Aired Chat, Seriously!" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn


An Internet of Things prediction for 2025 -- with caveats

"À-la-Japan South Korea!" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

Obama to create world's largest ocean preserve

"Why are Huge India's Sanskrit Vedantic Sages into Gargantuan Hard Techno-Sputniks?" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

FOR-LUCRE BOTS HAVE ALREADY RISEN: As Robotics Advances, Worries of Killer Robots Rise

New manufacturing methods needed for 'soft' machines, robots

3D Printer Cleared for Launch to the International Space Station

Monday, June 16, 2014

Google to Buy Satellite-Imaging Startup for $500 Million

If Companies Lead on Climate Change Will Governments Follow? Look at IKEA.

Limiting CO2 to 450 Parts Per Million and its Impact on Fossil Fuel Companies

Charging portable electronics will be super-fast, widely accessible

A gene that stimulates growth of new brain cells in adults

A.I. WILL TAKE CONTROL OF EVERYONE: Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over the Stock Market?

Bulletproof skin made from genetically modified goat milk

Microsoft Announces Azure ML, Cloud-based Machine Learning Platform That Can Predict Future Events

Today’s 3D Printeers Will be Tomorrow’s Engineers

Solar Panels and Electric Cars will bankrupt petroleum-, gas- and coal-producing nations.

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) – What you need to know

THE END OF OIL SOONEST: Report: BMW and Nissan Interested in Partnering With Tesla

Hackers are coming after your medical records

25 Amazing Facts About Solar

Marc Andreessen on the future of technology and implications for enhancing government dialog with citizens

Training allows the Hostage Rescue Team to respond to any emergency - See more at:

Cincinnati Incorporated and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Advancing Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM)

Our Hyperconnected Future: Roundup of the 2014 MIT Tech Review Digital Summit

No more fillings as dentists reveal new tooth decay treatment

Domino's Pizza Hit with Mocking Ransom Demand After Hackers Steal 650,000 Customer Records

Law by algorithm: Are computers fairer than humans?

Memory implants: Chips to fix broken brains

Kill shot: Pushing diseases to the edge of eradication

"Gossip to achieve which Victory?" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

Perfect Vs. Perfectionism!

Computation leads to better understanding of influenza virus replication

Quantum biology: Algae evolved to switch quantum coherence on and off

Cubify launches free-to-download shoes you can "print overnight"


Siemens Lures France With Alstom Bid That Unites Rivals

Russia’s $8.2 Trillion Oil Trove Locked Without U.S.

Airstrikes on Iraq Carry Risks as Obama Weighs Options

China's Brewing Subprime Crisis

Friday, June 13, 2014

Terahertz detectors using carbon nanotubes may lead to major imaging improvements

Paralyzed person wearing brain-controlled exoskeleton to kick off the World Cup today

The Future of Computer Intelligence Is Everything but Artificial

The Infinium Phenomenon – A Start Up That Manufactures Rare Earth Metals

A Headline That Got Me Laughing – Earth is Way Older Than We Thought

Rice University lab modifies arrays to capture, hold water for later use - See more at:

Google In Talks To Take Virgin Galactic Stake

The Eccentric Genius Whose Time May Have Finally Come (Again)

Sony Creates Curved CMOS Sensors That Mimic the Eye

DARPA Z-Man Program Demonstrates Human Climbing Like Geckos

West Antarctic glaciers in 'irreversible' thaw, raising seas: study

UN says half of world's forest species are at risk, calls for 'urgent action'

Why Spain's unemployed millennials are rushing to join the navy

GSK case a 'warning' to all foreign firms in China: Xinhua

China Southern Airlines orders 80 Airbus aircraft worth $7.3 billion

Will China Save Russia With Investment?

America's middle class: Poorer than you think

The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest

No More Malls: 5 Disruptive Techs Transforming Retail

FYI: Can Anything Move Faster Than Light?

Gas deals expected during Putin's China visit

How to Explain American

Predictive data, the real workhorse behind the Internet of Things

WiFi tech lets scientists monitor your vital signs through walls

Synchronized brain waves enable rapid learning

Drucker on Leaderhip!

A Simpleton Speaks About "Balancing Risk"

Who is the Superpower Redefining "Soft Power"?

What are Israel's Favorite Nuclear Submarines?

What is Google and Amazon?

India is going to be Superpower #2 or #1?

Redefining Cosmos!

Facebook Is Expanding the Way It Tracks You and Your Data

Cyber threats put energy sector on red alert

Hundreds Of Americans Are Being Evacuated From Iraq's Balad Air Base

Laser weapon developed for Marine vehicles

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chinese police charge British former head of GSK in China with bribery

"From Russia with concern: Cisco's audits raised red flags about resellers" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

Researchers create miniature human retina in a dish

Researchers create miniature human retina in a dish

3D-bioprinting improved artificial blood vessels

3D-bioprinting improved artificial blood vessels

Amazon Could Launch Its Music Streaming Service Thursday

Autonomous Robots Will Battle For $1.5 Million NASA Prize

Global flows in a digital age

Mastering digital marketing

Strategic principles for competing in the digital age

Strategic principles for competing in the digital age

Cybersleuths Allegedly Identify New Group of Chinese Military Hackers

NSA Playset invites hackers to 'play along with the NSA'

Japan growth data revised upwards

Japan underreports 80 nuclear bombs-worth of plutonium to IAEA

Japan underreports 80 nuclear bombs-worth of plutonium to IAEA

Google seeks to transform century-old US utility industry

Google seeks to transform century-old US utility industry

The Battle of the Brain

The Battle of the Brain

Corruption Currents: From European Bankers Watching BNP to Excited Cybercriminals

Collaboration woks until what end?

Futurists tell you the truth about PERILS and RIKS?

Perfectionism in Execution or not?

Robots clean Israeli solar panels without water

"Legal Words Banned By Successful Global Corporations!" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

What Are The Institutions That Use Non-Theological Omniscience In Strategic Executions and Operations since 1950's?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A self-assembling protein nanocage

New molecular self-assembly process scales up from nanometers to millimeters

Nanoparticle thin films that self-assemble in one minute

Nanoparticle thin films that self-assemble in one minute

It is More Clear to Me Each Day – National Governments Don’t Understand Our Future

"National Governments Don’t Understand Our Future" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

Read to me, Kindle: Audible integration now works inside your e-book

"Audible integration now works inside your e-book" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

In the near future, your car will be equipped with life-saving computer software that can prevent accidents. But that technology also creates a major opening for cyber terrorists.

"Talking cars: the next hacking target" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

NASA cameras capture huge solar flares

Second Chinese military unit linked to hacking

PayPal chief leaving for Facebook

Amazon continues assault on PayPal

Facebook Hires From PayPal to Focus on Messaging

"Facebook Hires From PayPal to Focus on Messaging" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

Google to Buy Skybox Imaging for $500 Million

"Google to Buy Skybox Imaging for $500 Million" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

Former Vice President Al Gore Declines To Call Edward Snowden A Traitor

Scientists Search for the Best Sleepers

The Bank of England Goes to Cyber War

The Fourth Wave of Indian Enterprise Software Startups is World-Class

Promising Malaria Vaccine Looks to Employ Robots to Mass Produce Its Product

"Promising Malaria Vaccine Looks to Employ Robots to Mass Produce Its Product." by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

Google Open Sources Its Secret Weapon in Cloud Computing

"Google Open Sources Its Secret Weapon in Cloud Computing" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

You Should Learn to Trust Robots. It’s for Your Own Good

"You Should Learn to Trust Robots." by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

White House announces new approach to deal with wildfires and drought

U.S. sends B-2 stealth bombers to Europe

Navy's future: Electric guns, lasers, water as fuel

Homeland Security Researching GPS Disruptions, Solutions

NASA’s Warp Drive Project: “Speeds” That Could Take a Spacecraft to Alpha Centauri in Two Weeks Even Though the System is 4.3 Light-Years Away

“Speeds” That Could Take a Spacecraft to Alpha Centauri in Two Weeks" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

"Is Better Learning And Memory Ahead?" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

Darpa is looking for experts from private sector for future cyber ops

"Darpa is looking for experts from private sector for future cyber ops" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

The Emerging Science of Computational Anthropology

"The Emerging Science of Computational Anthropology" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

Here Are The Leading Causes Of Death In 1900 Compared To 2010

Move Over 3-D Printing, The Future Is Objects That Morph And Shift Shape

The Future of Wearables?

"Noncompete Clauses Increasingly Pop Up in Array of Jobs" by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn

Chinese police to brief media on GlaxoSmithKline amid probe

The woman who taught a dolphin to speak -

This Is What New York City Could Look Like In 2033

Whether GM or banks, some companies are still too big to jail

Federal prosecutors negotiating a plea deal with Snowden