Saturday, June 28, 2014

The quantum cryptography arms race has begun

A 36-core chip design with an Internet-style communication network

Wearable computing gloves can teach Braille, even if you’re not paying attention

Ultrasonic waves allow for precision micro- and nano-manufacturing of thin-film chips

Microsoft Makes Bet Quantum Computing Is Next Breakthrough

Nuclear-Leak Investigators Shift Sights to Los Alamos Lab

Beating Tornadoes – Great Wall Proposed Across American Midwest

The Internet Of Things Will Radically Change Your Big Data Strategy

Ukraine Signs Trade Agreement With European Union

Can Netanyahu find Israel's three kidnapped teenagers without destroying his own government and tearing the West Bank apart?

If Japan Wanted to Build a Nuclear Bomb It'd Be Awesome at It

It’s time for NATO to get involved in Syria and Iraq, perhaps even putting limited Special Forces troops on the ground.

Why we should be worried about the Japanese prime minister's move to amend the constitution.

WHILE FORD MOTORS AND GM ARE LOOSING THE SHIRT: New Hyundai Sonatas rolling out of super-busy Alabama plant

Government watchdog: U.S. slipping in nuclear energy innovation

The Space-Based Quantum Cryptography Race. Europe and China are gaining the upper hand in the race to bounce perfectly secure messages off satellites in low Earth orbit.

Elon Musk Is Opening A New Front In His Lawsuit Against The Air Force
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A Mexican Military Helicopter Entered The US And Fired On Two Border Patrol Agents Read more:

Higgs Boson Looks “Standard,” but Upgraded LHC May Tell a Different Tale

Beating human hearts grown in a lab: Tiny organs are being infected with disease to test pioneering drugs

Higgs Boson Looks “Standard,” but Upgraded LHC May Tell a Different Tale

These Cute Little Drones Could 3-D Print a House

What our descendants will deplore about us

8 Star Trek Technologies Moving From Science Fiction To Science Fact

Ray Kurzweil Says He’s Breathing Intelligence into Google Search

Carlos Slim Buys Out AT&T’s Stake in América Móvil