Monday, May 19, 2014

How to create high-speed 3D movies of entire worm brains

An ultra-sensitive chip for early cancer detection

Nanowire-bridging transistors open way to next-generation electronics

Mice with MS-like condition walk again after neural stem-cell treatment

Cars could drive themselves sooner than expected after European push

New ultra-sensitive nano-chip capable of early cancer detection

GaitTrack App on Smartphone Assesses User’s Health

Global warming will harm sovereign creditworthiness around the world this century -

Do We Know The Cost of Dealing or Not Dealing with Climate Change?

Five brain challenges we can overcome in the next decade

Matter will be created from light within a year, claim scientists

Strategic Intelligence Assessment for Ukraine – Setting the Stage

Bottom-Up Manufacturing of Nanowires on Silicon Expands Its Capabilities

Will Google’s Self-driving Cars Be Limited by “Map Anxiety”?

Need a hand (or an arm, or a leg)? Hi-tech app controlled and 3D printed prosthetics shown off

Robot expert planning to turn Hong Kong into android city

More than 90 people nabbed in global hacker crackdown

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