Thursday, March 17, 2011


By Andres Agostini

Let’s respond the “what,” and “how.” By exercising all of the ensuing mental skills simultaneously through the maximum practical efforts of the scientific method:

Foresight, foreglimpse, foreglance, foregleam, foresightness, farsightness, insightness, foreknowing, forewisdom, lucidity, first sight, clairsentience, clairaudience, crystal vision, acumen, longheadedness, acuteness, acuity, perspicacity, incisiveness, trenchancy, cogency, perspicaciousness, perspicuity, percipience, perception, apperception, sensefullness, noesis, dianoia, cognition, illumination, dawning, minfulness, intellection, imagination, appreciation, appreciativeness, understanding, comprehension, conception, conceptualization, ideation, mental grasp, brainchild, brainstorming, subconscious perception, unconscious knowledge, satori, spontaneous sense, a priori knowledge, inspiration, precognition, critical discernment, perceptiveness, judgment, flair, ultimate analysis, counter-intuition (in a full-orbed mode and nonlinearly so),  counter-intuitiveness (in a full-orbed mode and nonlinearly so),  detailed discernment, deductive thinking, inductive thinking, radiant thinking irradiantly (both efferent and afferent).


Quickly stated and when invoking THINKING — as per the undersigned — it is succinctly to say and DO (that is) by way of matter-of-fact example:

(Modes of Thinking, ensuing:)

“Terra Incognita” Thinking
Weird Science's Thinking
“Einsteinian Gedanke” Thinking
Ecological Thinking
Factory Thinking
Surprise-Free Thinking
Through-Paradoxes Thinking
Qualitative Thinking
Quantitative Thinking
Unconventionally-Uncommon Thinking
Weirdo’s Thinking
“Rara Avis” Thinking
Gestalt Thinking
“Edisonian research” Thinking
Epidemiologic Thinking
Entomological Thinking
Fuzzy-Logic Thinking
Non-Linear Thinking 
Scenario-Method Thinking
Unconventional Thinking
Unorthodox Thinking
“À la Quantum Mechanics” Thinking
“A Priori” Thinking
“A Posteriori” Thinking
“A Cappella” Thinking
Peripheral Thinking
Epicentric Thinking
Multi-Level Thinking
Capellist Thinking
Pluri-Filtered Thinking
Multidimensional Thinking
Cross-Functional Thinking
Trans-Contextual Thinking
Cross-Referenced Thinking
“Against the whole cliche of the moment” Thinking
“Against Sloppy, Emotional” Thinking
“Against Fashionable” Thinking
“Against Inexpensive” Thinking
In-Advance Thinking
Early-On Thinking
“Post Mortem” Thinking
“Pre Mortem” Thinking
Forensic Thinking
Pre-Forensic Thinking
“Short-Term and Long-Term” Thinking
Preemptive Thinking
Counter-Intuitiveness Thinking
Womb-to-tomb Thinking
Unthinkable Thinking
Undreamed-of Thinking
Un-daydreamed-of Thinking
Heterodox Thinking
Un-Commonsensical Thinking
Illogicality Thinking
Throughput Thinking
Multi-Perspective Thinking
Pseudo-Serendipitous Thinking
“Pre Mortem” Thinking
Pre-“Post Mortem” Thinking
“Primum nocere” Thinking
“Primum non nocere” Thinking
Cosmological Thinking
Comprehensive Thinking
Interdisciplinary Thinking
Exploratory Thinking
Naturalist Thinking
Preter-Naturalist Thinking
Spacewalk Thinking
Discontinuous-Progression Thinking
Exuberant Thinking
“Applied Omniscience Knowledge” Thinking
Hyper-Geometrical Thinking
Dense Thinking
Multi-tasking Thinking
In-Series Thinking
In-Parallel Thinking
Microscopic Thinking
Macroscopic Thinking
Telescopic Thinking
Engineering Thinking
Re-Engineering Thinking
“Overhauled Re-Engineering” Thinking
Systems Thinking
Throughout Thinking
“Alpha and Omega” Thinking
Composite Thinking
Aggregated Thinking
Compounded Thinking
Parenthetical Thinking
Inventor’s Thinking
Discoverer’s Thinking
Harmonic Thinking
Counter-seeing Thinking
Counter-envisioning Thinking
Multi-Range Thinking
Pluri-Intent Thinking
GPS Thinking
Sonar Thinking
Radar Thinking
Hummingbird Thinking
Horse-seeing Thinking
Helicopter Thinking
Submarine Thinking
Matrix-Management Thinking
Interconnected Thinking
Submarine Thinking
Interdependency Thinking
Forethought Thinking
Hindsight Thinking
Multifaceted Thinking
Wholeness Thinking
“Continuous Improvement and Innovation” Thinking
Alternatives-Exploring Thinking
System-wide Thinking
“Support Learning and Change” Thinking
Specificity Thinking
Multimedia-vision Thinking
“Out-There” Thinker’s Thinking
Road-map Thinking
“Creative Destruction” Thinking
Reverse-Engineering Thinking
Critical Thinking
Sense-of-urgency Thinking
See-through-the-strategy-soonest Thinking
Armed-with-information Thinking
“Shrinking resources and precious little time” Thinking
“Facilitate the expanded involvement of practitioners” Thinking
Nondelegate Thinking
Nuance Thinking
“Amplest Nuance” Thinking
“Most Focused Nuance” Thinking
Constructive-Feedback Thinking
“Numerical data-driven” Thinking
“Narrative data-driven” Thinking
Self-upgrading Thinking
Coextensive Thinking
Non-coextensive Thinking
Boundarylessness Thinking
Convex Thinking
Concave Thinking
Ostracized Thinking
Non-proforma Thinking
Continuum Thinking
Continuous Thinking
Asynchronous Thinking
Interdepartmental Thinking
Intradepartmental Thinking
Omnidepartmental Thinking
Nondepartmental Thinking
Multi-level Thinking
Multi-scale Thinking
Multi-nuance Thinking
Multi-context Thinking
Omni-perspective Thinking
Pluri-“Mental-Filter” Thinking
Contemplative Thinking
Ostracized-out Thinking
Ostracized-in Thinking
“Dynamic Complexity” Thinking
“Detail complexity” Thinking
“Self-Enculturated into Science, Engineering and Systems” Thinking
“Senior medical intensivist” Thinking
“Senior military surgeon” Thinking
“Intensive care medical director” Thinking
“Comparative-performance knowledge” Thinking
“Competitive-performance knowledge” Thinking
Continual-analysis Thinking
Never-ending Thinking
Paradigm-shift Thinking
Fundamental-change Thinking
Religiosity Thinking
Non-religiosity Thinking
Pluralist Thinking
“Brain preparedness in advance” Thinking
“Grapple with complexity” Thinking
Singularist Thinking
Scenarist Thinking
Innovist Thinking
Breakthroughist Thinking
Creativist Thinking
Dynamicist Thinking
“God-less uncertainty” Thinking
Multiple-angles Thinking
The “eye in the sky” Thinking
MRI Thinking
fMRI Thinking
Cross-over Thinking
“Forced rethinking” Thinking
“Preventative actions” Thinking
“Any preventive or corrective actions” Thinking
“A systematic, systemic, global, all-inclusive approach” Thinking
“All at once” Thinking
Outmaneuvering Thinking
Pantologic Thinking
Aristotelian Thinking
Kantian Thinking
Neo-Kantian Thinking
Hegelian Thinking
Darwinian Thinking
Panto-morphic Thinking
Panto-amorphous Thinking
Einsteinian Thinking
Da-Vincian Thinking
Geistesgeschichte Thinking
Newtonian Thinking
Galilean Thinking
Copernican Thinking
Socratic Thinking
Archimedean Thinking
Freudian Thinking
Gothenian Thinking
Feynmanian Thinking
Nietzschean Thinking
Herculean Thinking
Collateral Thinking
“Nuanced Insight” Thinking
“Timeless-age mentality” Thinking
Athematic Thinking
Anathema Thinking
“Pandora box” Thinking
Continuum-besieged Thinking
“Transcend biological limitations” Thinking
“Deep insights into the future” Thinking
“Tour de Force” Thinking
Thought-Provoking Thinking
Continuous-Dialogue Thinking
“Catch-as-catch-can mode” Thinking
Historically-disrupted Thinking
Liberation Thinking
Liberating Thinking
Revelation Thinking
Sneak-preview Thinking
Nitty-gritty Thinking
Informed-conjecture Thinking
Digital-entanglement Thinking
Informed-conjecture Thinking
Digital-entanglement Thinking
Controversialist Thinking
Intrinsically-inquisitive Thinking
Inwardly-focus Thinking
Outwardly-focus Thinking
Interlinked Thinking
Conjectural Thinking
Swarm Thinking
Check-and-balance Thinking
Joint-Vision Thinking
Disparate-Vision Thinking
Garden-variety Thinking
Non garden-variety Thinking
Escapist Thinking
Contortionist Thinking
Mobile Thinking
Paradox-engendering Thinking
Non-traditionalist Thinking
Non-vacuous Thinking
Entirely Thinking
Inevitable Thinking
Avoidable Thinking
Voidable Thinking
Optimal Thinking
Sub-optimal Thinking
Inessential Thinking
Inconsequential Thinking
Ineffectual Thinking
Tangential Thinking
Implausible Thinking
Politicalization Thinking
Non-politicalization Thinking
Numericalization Thinking
Non-numericalization Thinking
Logician Thinking
Non-logician Thinking
Polynesian Thinking
Non-Polynesian Thinking
Hawaiian Thinking
Non-Hawaiian Thinking
Forceful rethinking Thinking
Full orbed Thinking
Jack-of-all-trades Thinking
Jack-of-all-trades’ applied omniscience Thinking
“Comfort before paradoxes” Thinking
“The sheer-to-peer scale” Thinking
Rapid-shift Thinking
Swirling-shift Thinking
Revolving-shift Thinking
Chaotic-shift Thinking
Age-old Thinking
“Unforeseeable future” Thinking
Sameness-less Thinking
Sharp-observation Thinking
Ahead-of-time Thinking
“Technically trained” Thinking
Across-the-board Thinking
Unimaginable Thinking
A broad, womb-to-tomb Thinking
Virtually unimaginable Thinking
“Freak” Thinking
Freakish Thinking
Rare Thinking
“Near Impossible” Thinking
“Unheard of” Thinking
Completeness Thinking
Unforeseeable-futures Thinking
Sameness-less Thinking
Sharp-observation Thinking
Totally unexpected thinking
Entirely counter-to-everything Thinking
An all-inclusive-plan Thinking
“Every needle out of the haystack” Thinking
In-flow, rich views Thinking
Fancy Thinking
“Act in concert for a common purpose” Thinking
Beforehand Thinking
Forethought Thinking
Forejudged Thinking
Foreconscious Thinking
Foreordained Thinking
Forensic Thinking
Pre-forensic Thinking
Sterling Thinking
Recursive Thinking
“Recursive Self-Improvement” Thinking
Quickening Thinking
Utopian Thinking
Millenarist Thinking
Non-Millenarist Thinking
Ideation Thinking
“Non vestigial” Thinking
Versatilist Thinking
Orchestrating Thinking
Innovation-generating Thinking
Interactive Thinking
Theoretical Thinking
Practical Thinking
Computational Thinking
Designing Thinking
Evaluating Thinking
Knowledgist Thinking
Grammatical Thinking
Ungrammatical Thinking
Unfamiliar Thinking
Unfashionable Thinking
Unfrequented Thinking
Disembroiled Thinking
Disenchanted Thinking
Disencumbered Thinking
Extrinsic Thinking
Intrinsic Thinking
Extroverted Thinking
Introverted Thinking
Introspection Thinking
Tribalist Thinking
Globalist Thinking
Championing Thinking
Editorial Thinking
Spearheading Thinking
Sweat-earned Thinking
Effortless Thinking
Cutting-edge Thinking
Next-level Thinking
Wondrous Thinking
Gifted Thinking
Tireless Thinking
Fighting-the-future Thinking
Fervid thinking
Synergistic Thinking
Sleepless Thinking
Empowerment Thinking
Impact Thinking
“Deeply entrenched” Thinking
Priceless Thinking
Painless Thinking
Comprehensive Thinking
Cradle-to-graveyard Thinking
Cradle-to-afterworld Thinking
Cradle-to-afterlife Thinking
Cumulative Thinking
The island-of-excellence-in-a-sea-of-mediocrity Thinking
Inarguable Thinking
Self-evident Thinking
Peripheral Thinking
Enduring Thinking
Trustworthy Thinking
Self-reliable Thinking
Deeper Understanding Thinking
Inquisitive Thinking
Interrelated Thinking
A strict regimen of Thinking
Generative Thinking
Action-oriented Thinking
Leveraging-intellectual-capital Thinking
Capital Thinking
Concomitant Thinking
Irrevocably altered Thinking
Predominant Thinking
Distinctive Thinking
Excludable Thinking
Relative Thinking
Absolute Thinking
Compelling Thinking
Tacit Thinking
Decisive Thinking
Traversing Thinking
Codified Thinking
Leveraging Thinking
Instinctive Thinking
Difficult-to-replicate Thinking
Clearly observable Thinking
Circular Thinking
Continuously reconfigured Thinking
 “Stringent quality controls” Thinking
Agile Thinking
Sequential Thinking
Simultaneous Thinking
Concomitantly-and-sequential Thinking
Constant-attention Thinking
Cooperative Thinking
Courageous Thinking
“Amazingly powerful explanatory” Thinking
“Initiative-seizing approach” Thinking
“Thought through analysis” Thinking
Surveying Thinking
Superb Thinking
Reciprocated Thinking
Cornucopia Thinking
Technical Thinking
Conceptual Thinking
Interdependency Thinking
Summarized Thinking
Inexorable Thinking
Transactional Thinking
Transformational Thinking
Outside observer’s Thinking
Electrified Thinking
Abundant Thinking
Clarifying Thinking
Combative Thinking
Life-changing Thinking
Game-changing Thinking
Defining Thinking
Decisive Thinking
Extramural Thinking
Onsite Thinking
Offsite Thinking
Nonconformist Thinking
Underlying Thinking
Litmus-test Thinking
Accomplishing Thinking
Clarified Thinking
Overlapping Thinking
Nexus Thinking
Transcending Thinking
Transcendental Thinking
Unilateral Thinking
Multilateral Thinking
Well-developed Thinking
Making-it-happen Thinking
Compelling Thinking
Prioritized Thinking
Unleashing Thinking
Shared Thinking
Sharable Thinking
Uniting Thinking
United Thinking
Disunited Thinking
Amazing Thinking
Clarifying Thinking
Committed Thinking
Uncompromised Thinking
Flying Thinking
On-the-fly Thinking
Irrefutable Thinking
Irreproachable Thinking
Irresistible Thinking
Resolute Thinking
Irreplaceable Thinking
Irrepressible Thinking
Retentive Thinking
Irrevocable Thinking
Sequential Thinking
Modeling Thinking
Pathfinding Thinking
Aligning Thinking
Empowering Thinking
Bottom-line Thinking
Iroquois Thinking
“Flexible changeness” Thinking
Extrapolating Thinking
Guiding Thinking
Interesting Thinking
Intersecting Thinking
Curious Thinking
Anticipated Thinking
Cascading Thinking
Realigning Thinking
Demanding Thinking
“Sacred Cow” Thinking
Overriding Thinking
Superseding Thinking
Nurturing Thinking
Overarching Thinking
Rewarding Thinking
Contrasting Thinking
Helpful Thinking
Useful Thinking
Leveraging Thinking
Foundational Thinking
Training Thinking
Coaching Thinking
Formalized Thinking
Maverick Thinking
Utopian Thinking
Dystopian Thinking
Resilient Thinking
Fragmented Thinking
Newness-mired Thinking
Flourishing Thinking
Nourishing Thinking
“Mutual” Thinking
Multilateral Thinking
Connected Thinking
Wired thinking
Indicative thinking
Inescapable thinking
Interwoven thinking
Triage thinking
Reengaging thinking
Tremendous thinking
Nutty thinking
Carefully crafted thinking
Simplified thinking
Literal thinking
Textual thinking
Smooth thinking
Passionate thinking
Dispassionate thinking
Proximate thinking
Pressing thinking
Under-pressure thinking
Compounded thinking
Training thinking
Momentary thinking
Able thinking
Capable thinking
Appraising thinking
Power-activating thinking
Empowerment-activating thinking
Luxurious thinking
Ignited thinking
Preemptive Thinking
Threshold Thinking
Litigation Thinking
Litigating Thinking
A bone-deep Thinking
Humane Thinking
Humanitarian Thinking
Servant Thinking
Monarchical Thinking
Stewardship Thinking
Reverent Thinking
Caring Thinking
Service Thinking
Contribution Thinking
Loyal Thinking
Faithful Thinking
Dedicated Thinking
Rededicated Thinking
Reinvented Thinking
Mentored Thinking
Tutored Thinking
Avocation Thinking
Vocational Thinking
Future-susurration Thinking
Reverenced Thinking
Ostensible Thinking
Retrospective Thinking
Prospective Thinking
Impregnated-with-higher-purposes-and-principles Thinking
Service-above-all Thinking
Flexible Thinking
Resilient Thinking
Stoic Thinking
Adaptive Thinking
Cumulative Thinking
Incremental Thinking
Discontinuous Thinking
Linking Thinking
Missing-link Thinking
Pedagogical Thinking
Tolerated Thinking
Intolerable Thinking
Sound Thinking
Substantial Thinking
Enduring Thinking
Situational Thinking
Salient Thinking
Shaped Thinking
Ever-shaping Thinking
Proprietary Thinking
Broad Thinking
Fertile Thinking
Well-defined Thinking
Videorecording Thinking
Stimulated Thinking
Booming Thinking
Helical Thinking
Synthetic Thinking
Widespread Thinking
Well-positioned Thinking
Diversified Thinking
Dominant Thinking
Avid Thinking
Divergent Thinking
Finely detailed Thinking
Transverse Thinking
Forerunning Thinking
Marvel’s Thinking
Precision Thinking
Self-threading Thinking
Smooth Thinking
Experimental Thinking
Contrasting Thinking
Astute Thinking
Precise Thinking
Consequential Thinking
Lengthy Thinking
De facto Thinking
Dense Thinking
“Learning by trying” Thinking
Ambitious Thinking
Inspirational Thinking
Instantaneous Thinking
Underpinning Thinking
Continuous-flow Thinking
Ecoimagination Thinking
Prevalent Thinking
Focal Thinking
Savvy Thinking
Operatic Thinking
World-flattening Thinking
Cooperative Thinking
Turbulent Thinking
Manifested Thinking
Seasoned Thinking
Management-level Thinking
Excelled Thinking
Unique Thinking
Unison Thinking
Long-range Thinking
Scrutiny Thinking
Diplomatic Thinking
Inner Thinking
Innermost Thinking
Dexterous Thinking
Skillful Thinking
Competent Thinking
Efficacious Thinking
Tight-rope Thinking
“A bird’s-eye-view” Thinking
Thinking à la “Einsteinian Gedanke”
Rotund Thinking
Magisterial Thinking
Dignified Thinking
Indeterminacy Thinking
Universalistic Thinking
Singular Thinking
Singularitarian Thinking
Singularist Thinking
Pluralistic Thinking
Inquisitive Thinking
Manifestly aspirational Thinking
Normative Thinking
Decentralized Thinking
Centralized Thinking
Decentralized Thinking
Stylish Thinking
Distributed Thinking
A-new-set-of-beliefs Thinking
Indistinguishable Thinking
Cybermind's Thinking
Multisensory Thinking
Resplendent Thinking
Delineated Thinking
Too-creative Thinking
Far-reaching Thinking
Delineated Thinking
Delineating Thinking
Vivid Thinking
High-level Thinking
Responsive Thinking
Supportive Thinking
Compelling Thinking
Compelled Thinking
Clarified Thinking
Clarifying Thinking
Assertive Thinking
Asserting Thinking
Hard-drive Thinking
Interstellar Thinking
Cross-sectioning Thinking
Cross-sectioned Thinking
Contagious Thinking
Fast-paced Thinking
Epoch-making Thinking
Nature-choreographing Thinking
Pivotal Thinking
Immemorial Thinking
Monstrous Thinking
Precious Thinking
Double-helical Thinking
Secrets-unraveling Thinking
Master-choreographers-of-life Thinking
Reductionist Thinking
Impenetrable Thinking
Cross-fertilization Thinking
Cross-pollination Thinking
Brainpower Thinking
Breathtaking Thinking
Biogeneticist Thinking
Life-extending Thinking
Colonizing Thinking
Galactic-civilization Thinking
Insurmountable Thinking
Interstellar Thinking
Planetary Thinking
Galactic Thinking
Respectable Thinking
Respected Thinking
Respectful Thinking
Thrilling Thinking
Outperforming Thinking
Reasoned Thinking
Discerned Thinking
Harmonious Thinking
Tricky Thinking
Articulated Thinking
Underlying Thinking
Reviewed Thinking
Revisionist Thinking
Careful Thinking
Clear-view Thinking
Stretched Thinking
Stretching Thinking
Intellectualized Thinking
Historical Thinking
To-the-point Thinking
First-rate Thinking
Reasoning-from-effect-to-cause Thinking
Substantive Thinking
Fulfilling Thinking
Fulfilled Thinking
Fulfillment Thinking
Formidable Thinking
“A critical eye” Thinking
High-quality Thinking
Taskmaster’s Thinking
High-powered Thinking
Solicitous Thinking
Stiff Thinking
Technological-prowess Thinking
Decided Thinking
Decisive Thinking
Incessant Thinking
Forever Thinking
For-Life Thinking
Specialist’s Thinking
Generalist’s Thinking
Totalist’s Thinking
Omnisist Thinking
Renaissance Thinking
Gaining-prominence Thinking
Adept Thinking
Sought-after Thinking
Service-minded Thinking
Organization-wide Thinking
Convincing Thinking
Embracing Thinking
Stretching Thinking
Finding Thinking
Honoring Thinking
Articulating Thinking
Seeking Thinking
Reshuffling Thinking
Keen Thinking
Prevalent Thinking
Acuity Thinking
Focusing Thinking
Changing Thinking
Revitalized Thinking
Developing Thinking
Conquering Thinking
The all-important Thinking
Iroquois Thinking
Connectedness Thinking
Un-connectedness Thinking
“Far-reaching ramifications” Thinking
“A very trained eye” Thinking
“A keen observation” Thinking
Overseeing Thinking
Nontraditional Thinking
Hard-earned Thinking
“Well-guarded secrets” Thinking
Dazzling Thinking
Generous Thinking
Thoroughness Thinking
Eagle-eyed Thinking
Impressively fair-minded Thinking
Synaptic Thinking
Unashamed Thinking
Pre-assembled Thinking
Glued Thinking
Unglued Thinking
Encoded Thinking
Enigmatic Thinking
Paterfamilias Thinking
Genealogical Thinking
Behavioral Thinking
Sculpting Thinking
Hardwired Thinking
Pre-programmed Thinking
Mathematical Thinking
Evolutionary fine-tuned Thinking
Indefatigable Thinking
Zillion-folds Thinking
A-the-outset Thinking
Forerunner Thinking
Augmented Thinking
Genetic-sequencing Thinking
Cosmological-time Thinking
Concerned-scientist Thinking
Scientific-leadership Thinking
Cyborgian Thinking
Cosmit Thinking
Futuretronium Thinking
Agglutinative Thinking
The “be-all and end-all” Thinking
Amplified-personhood Thinking
Metaphysical Thinking
Ontological Thinking
“Trans-evolutionary continuum” Thinking
Extrapolated Thinking
Introspectioinist Thinking
Extropectionist Thinking
Behaviorist Thinking
Methodological Thinking
Neurobiological Thinking
Trilogy Thinking
Tripartite Thinking
Fountainhead Thinking
Zukunftsgestaltung Thinking
Lightning-fast Thinking
Quintessentially forward-looking Thinking
Cross-disciplinary Thinking
Multi-organismic Thinking
Anatomist Thinking
Taxonomist Thinking
Full-Blown Thinking
Vertebrated Thinking
De-Vertabrated Thinking
Shapeless Thinking
Electrically-conductive Thinking
Synaptic-irrigation Thinking
Computronium-to-genome-to-cell-to-nerve-to-synapses Thinking
Sensory Thinking
Preter-sensorial Thinking
Evokative Thinking
Presynaptic Thinking
Electrical-to-chemical-to-electrical Thinking
Counterbalancing Thinking
Wondrous Thinking
Wakeful Thinking
Visual-thalamus Thinking
Uninhibited Thinking
Interneuronal Thinking
Neuromodulated Thinking
Tonically-active Thinking
Supergrid Thinking
Excitatory-surge Thinking
Gate-and-regulate Thinking
“Filtering out random excitatory impulses” Thinking
Triggering-activating Thinking
Excitatory-inputs Thinking
Chemically-neurotransmitted Thinking
Alchemically-neurotransmitted Thinking
Keeping-up-with-rapidly-changing-events Thinking
Diffuse-connections Thinking
Elongated Thinking
Preexisting Thinking
Empiricist Thinking
Genetically-driven Thinking
Nonneural Thinking
Everything-considered Thinking
Deliberative Thinking
By-and-large Thinking
Faraway Thinking
Neurogenesis Thinking
Synaptogenesis Thinking
Distal Thinking
Axonal Thinking
Instructional Thinking
Selectionist Thinking
Exuberantly wired Thinking
Influential Thinking
Parameterized Thinking
Un-parameterized Thinking
Activity-induced Thinking
Breakthrough-besieged Thinking
Multitasked Thinking
Epigenetically Thinking
The best-misunderstood form of Thinking
New-connections Thinking
Epigenetic-prewiring Thinking
Hardwired Thinking
The multiplicity of systems Thinking
Crossbred Thinking
Color-processing Thinking
Connectionist Thinking
Connectivist Thinking

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