Thursday, March 10, 2011

NVIDIA to push into supercomputing
March 10, 2011 by Editor

NVIDIA has outlined a plan to become “the computing company,” moving well beyond its traditional focus on graphics and into high-profile areas such as supercomputing and making heavy investments in several fields.

Its Tesla product line is at the center of NVIDIA’s supercomputing push. Its Tegra product will be featured in several mobile devices, including tablets. Its GeForce lineup is gaming-focused while Quadro is all about computer-aided design workstations.

One of the company’s biggest projects, under the codename Project Denver, is the development of high-performance CPUs based on an architecture that serves PCs, data center servers, and supercomputers and aims to increase the supercomputer GPUs efficiency and power on a grand scale.

NVIDIA’s partnership with DARPA is aimed at pushing the limits of supercomputing. The DARPA-NVIDIA lead project will aim to build exascale supercomputers 1,000 times more powerful than today’s fastest supercomputers by 2018, and created more sustainably than today’s supercomputers.

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