Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kinect hacked to guide the blind

By Winda Benedetti

Wearing a Kinect camera on your head might be uncomfortable, but it could be truly useful.

Two university students have hacked Microsoft's Kinect game controller and turned it into a device to help guide the blind.

Michael Zöllner and Stephan Huber from the University of Konstanz in Germany have created a system that uses a Kinect mounted atop a helmet along with a vibrating waist belt to help visually impaired people navigate through indoor locations.

It's all part of the NAVI project (Navigational Aids for the Visually Impaired).

"We wanted to augment the visually impaired person's impression of a room or building by providing vibro-tactile feedback that reproduces the room's layout," the students explain on the university website.

With the Kinect mounted atop the user's head, the device's cameras measure depth information from the surrounding environment. That information is mapped to three pairs of vibration motors hot-glued into the left, center and right of a belt the user wears around the waist. The belt is connected to a laptop that is mounted onto a special backpack. Meanwhile, audio cues are spoken to the user via a Bluetooth headset.

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