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Web 3.0., personalized medicine,
robotics, hacking the planet. Each
year the Institute for Global Futures
maps the coming year’s top global
trends to have a look at what’s
ahead. The focus of this year’s
Global Futures Forecast is
technology and innovation —the key
strategic driver of change that will
impact global business, consumers,
markets and society.

Velocity, accelerated change and
radical transformations, even
revolutions are upon us. A better
future is what this year could deliver
if we apply our resources, intellect
and courage to lead and invest
smartly. Innovation  led by thought
leaders in business and society and
especially entrepreneurs will make a
positive impact on the future in

Tech and innovation play a dominant
role in the Global Futures Forecast as
consistent with past years. Most of
the Game Changers and disruptions
will be driven by tech and
innovation. Many of the solutions to
our challenges as well can be
addressed by tech and innovation.

There are positive signs emerging in
the global economy. Innovation and
invention, technology and tools may
point to a New Future. New
innovations especially in business
and the private sector are turning
positive and hold the promise for a
better tomorrow. A new era is
emerging, a New Future based on
fresh opportunies this year driven
by innovation, collaboration and a
positive vision of tomorrow may
well make a difference. Let’s invest
this year in the innovations that will
transform the future.


Innovation is the only authentic
competitive advantage. Innovation
is responsible for over one third of
GDP in the US. Innovation is the key
driving force of new jobs, new
markets, competition, new wealth
and value creation. Yet too few
organizations are investing in
innovation. We cannot have growth,
stability or jobs without innovation.
The innovation explosion is waiting
to happen. This will require courage
and long─range investments into
where the future consumer, markets
and societies will emerge. Invest in
innovation and thrive in 2011.


The Top Game Changing
Technologies that will drive
opportunity, commerce and
innovation this year are: IT &Web
(information design),
Nanoengineering (design of matter),
Biotechnology (design of life),
Neuroscience (design of cognition),
and Quantum Mechanics (design of
space/time). Millions of new jobs,
companies and products will emerge
from investments in these five
technologies. If you want to create
the future invest in the Game
Changers that will shape tomorrows


A new global vision that we are one
sustainable connected planet is
needed to avert crisis and better
manage global risk. This global
vision will be shaped by
globalization, climate change, trade
and the financial crisis. We need a
new cooperative global sustainability
system to manage these global
issues such as: security, food,
climate, communications, health,
economics and energy.


The future of the web is coming; a
smarter more intuitive web that can
interact, adapt, anticipate and
empower you more. Web 3.0 is
about Web Personalization, the web’s─
aware─of─you. Key trends that
will drive Web 3.0 are: Semantic
processing, context awareness,
location awareness, sentiment
analysis, predictive analysis, mobility,
cloud networks and social


The Digital Tsunami is the
overwhelming onslaught of digital
information: video, voice and text
that’s emerging we are not ready for.
The over one million exobytes of
information that humanity is
generating from creativity, health
care, logistics, media, entertainment,
security, industry, the web itself and
countless other data creation efforts
that we are not prepared to deal
with. Think a million server farms in
space. Enterprise must prepare now
for this trend.


Rich media will be pervasive this
year as every part of the web
becomes video enabled. And as the
web, mobile and TV platforms
converge, new and exciting markets
will emerge for media producers and
directors to make a living finding
audiences that can support their
creativity. Video web shows,
delivered to your mobile device,
iPad, phone or TV will create new
markets for innovators.


Are you ready for the next generation
of digital consumers? Consumers
who live on the mobile web: they
game, buy, talk, work and create
online. ClickStreamers will be
devouring iPads, mobile phones,
computers, videogames they Tweet,
check Facebook, Search Google, Bing
and Blog on their mobile devices.
Think about five billion plus in 2011.
It is an avalanche of digital
consumerism and a new metric for
understanding consumers──measure
the Clickstream analytics and user
trends. The ClickStreamers will be
essential to the success of your


Customers have spoken: Be green,
don’t pollute, help the environment,
heal the planet, protect the climate
and clean the air and water. Do more
is the mantra this year. Business
needs to see this as a Mega
Opportunity and recognize this is a
Mega─Values Shij in the consumer.
This will be the trend that touches
every product, company, government
and service, from clothes to tech,
consumers will be demanding
EcoEverything and brands better
deliver or else. Bake eco into every
strategy, product and service and win
this year.


Context awareness, ubiquity, always
on awareness of the mobile web will
bring five billion folks closer to each
other and your message, product or
service. The emergence of geodata,
the location awareness of things,
people, experiences that can be
searched and tagged by the web and
then communicated will change
every part of business and society.
What is your strategy in this new
always on game? Learn, adapt, go
mobile and thrive this year. Can you
say Mobile Clouds? No room for
legacy holdouts.


Ready for the End of Marketing?
What are brands to do? Don’t beat
them──join them. The Facebook
Effect is hacking the marketplace
and revolutionizing business by
validating social media as a vital
business strategy──no longer just for
consumers. Customers are the chief
influencers of customers. Not
companies. The social network IS
the marketplace. This is the new
playbook. Facebook will have over
800 to one billion members in 2011.
How will you and your business
leverage this? Facebook is ripping a
Black Hole the size of the universe in
the traditional marketing universe
and redefining who and where
customers are. What is the next
Groupon? What can your business
learn from the new playbook?


Privacy is under aHack. Who you
are, what you like, where you live
and shop are all up for grabs.
Identify crime will be up again in
2011 and little is being done to stop
it. Your identity is a commodity that
can be sold and stolen. This is a
global Mega Trend of huge
proportions. If you are not
protecting your privacy others can
use it or abuse it. The irony is that
business can be the white knight
here and protect consumer’s
identities. Protect your customers or
lose them.


The complexity of managing cities
as living systems may well define
the future. Millions are moving to
cities. Cities are evolving into
systems of living and connected
networks that need advanced IT to
survive. Cities that think, adapt
and evolve are coming. Cities like
organisms will learn to optimize
their resources, food, energy, health,
communications and climate. Cities
will interact and transact with cities
—autonomous transaction
platforms for profit and survival.


Over 300 billion embedded
computer chips sharing video,
transactions, GPS locations, audio,
data in clothes, habitats, autos,
electronics, food packages and
humans will redefine the future this
year. What happens when these
products are all connected start to
think and communicate with each
other and yes, us? How can your
business leverage this trend to build
value for your customers? Think
health, security, media,
entertainment and trade.


OK next chapter in Big Science is we
try to use science to fix the
environment. We will clean, protect,
engineer and hack the climate to
better protect our future
environment. Can we restore
oceans, engineer climate and fix the
ozone layer? Some say it is possible.
This year we will start the


This is the most practical revolution
in 100 years. Cloud based
information broadcast platforms are
coming FAST. The Cloud strategy is
cost─effective, business agile,
customer friendly and smart.
Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon
are Cloud companies──are you?
Clouds are complete services and
products that can be delivered from
the Internet —get ready for a more
secure, more stable and more cost-effective new business model. Think
whatever you are buying or selling
can it be distributed from a network
cloud? What innovation could you
deliver? Voting, medicine, media or
entertainment, you name it. Clouds
are the future.


The future of health and medicine is
emerging. The top innovation trends
that will shape personalized
medicine are health IT 2.0, consumer
genomics, regenerative medicine,
synthetic biology and health
enhancement. This year’s
Outstanding Innovative Science
Award goes to Craig Venter for
creating the first artificial cell. This is
from the scientist who mapped the
Human Genome. This massive breakthrough
in the new field of synthetic
biology could lead to new organs,
new cells and new lives for those
sick or even dying.


My friends on Facebook and Twitter
are more important then anyone in
influencing my purchasing,
consumers are telling us. Are you
listening? What is your social
shopping strategy? We are entering
an era where “who” recommends a
brand or product is more impacted
then the actual brand advertising
campaign. Social shopping, where
the customer recommends to
another customer your brand or
product, will completely
revolutionize business this year.
Customers influencing, talking, and
selling to customers will disrupt the
business that is not prepared for this
revolution. Perception is reality in
the social network marketplace.


Innovations in brain science may
influence every aspect of life from
work to love to creativity to learning.
How can we leverage brain science
for better learning, health and
education? With millions at risk and
suffering from brain diseases such as
Alzheimer’s we need new brain
sciences to move quickly to end
suffering. This is the greatest health
challenge we face today and will face
in the future. Brain science may well
transform our lives if we invest fast
to create the breakthroughs we need.
Advancements this year could further
this global goal.


In the movie Surrogates humans
replace themselves with robots that
work for their human hosts. This is a
scenario predictive of our future.
Over 70% of all stock transactions
worldwide are conducted not by
humans but Black Boxes, robotic AI
artificial intelligence. There will be
more robot aircraft flying into the
skies, robotic satellites watching the
weather, robots operating on
patients, trading stocks and robots
entering the battlefield. This year will
see more autonomous robotics
emerge. Robots who are smarter
then humans are coming soon.


Media creation has been an
expensive business in the past. No
longer. This year will see an explosion
of innovations, from cheap digital
video camcorders to Internet TV to
3D movies to virtual worlds. Also, the
Web can broadcast and deliver to the
computer, phone or TV your movie or
web show. Apple will pay out over $1
billion this year to iPad and iPhone
media producers. Look for
videogaming to take off thanks to
Apple’s iPad. Now everyone can be a

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