Monday, March 14, 2011


By Andres Agostini

The field of Humanities (chiefly represented by anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists) worships to only think and execute within an appalling linear mentally. What are the massive sequels?

For a long time but especially since the 60’ science and technology have made the world over-exponentially and trans-geometrically NONLINEAR. As this is happening now with the utmost speed and acceleration by an ever-increasing velocity, in this case the “over-exponentially and trans-geometrically NONLINEAR” mentality must be coupled with the most extreme counterintuitiveness. Huge comfort before a world besieged by paradoxes and contradictions (if the minds are duly prepared for Life) will prove to be greatly fruitful.

This profound problem is extremely frequently seen by people holding prominent public-office tenures while the democratic constituents are more and more polarized against their “leaders.”

I argue there is no society (at all) in any nation of Earth but Balkanized dwellers. Some of those dwellers get world-class education but are dysfunctional illiterates by own desire and comfort. So much so, that they think and act as most prominent ignoramuses of supine ignorance.

This ignorant status, so universally practiced, make certain that even some acts of extremism are successful or that some acts of Nature are not somewhat countered, shockekabsorbed. In what I call Transformative and Integrative Risk Management, there is perpetual deep thinking and all-encompassing execution (a) before the hazards, (b) during the hazards, and (c) after the hazards. There is also, in my case, vast and ready restoration of public and private assets previously compromised.

As these are most extraordinary times and its concomitant challenges, the solutions will be even more extraordinary. In the mean time, we are unavoidably set (whether we see it or not) to a continuous exponential growth of, say, computers towards Strong Artificial Intelligence.

The most stringent scientific method is needed in Social Sciences as if it were applied by eminent scientists applying august solutions to life-death complex problems.

The about 168 million deaths as a consequence of wars and conflicts in Twentieth Century did not stop an iota the extremely explosive expansion of science and technology.

Until these driving forces expect great surprises, unfortunately.

NB: There is not only the gargantuan acceleration of hard science and stemming technologies. When you consult NASA or Dr. Stephen Hawking they will immediately assert (out of any scientific doubt) that the expansion of “our” Universe as well is getting speedier and speedier.

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