Tuesday, March 15, 2011

“...Yet the opportunities and challenges do not pause. The forces of change are in fact accelerating as technology, communications, and mobility link us in a blurring and buzzing globalizing world  ....  The image of this future became clearer when we and 40 executives and thought leaders closely examined five specific technology areas and explored their implications for society, business, and government.  We examined biotechnology, cyber-technology, nanotechnology, ubiquitous sensing, and wild cards from science and technology.  We asked the thought leaders to apply their projections in five crosscutting areas to identify the key technology convergences that would most affect or disrupt society in 2025: economy and wealth, energy and the environment, health and demographics, infrastructure, and governance  ....  We learned that the technologies were changing in ways that made traditional distinctions between disciplines and areas of science decreasingly relevant.  Biotechnologists regularly describe nano-scale developments.  Nanotechnologists apply insights from genome sequencing. Research is spread, enhanced, and stolen with cyber tools. Research will lead to carbon-free or carbon-neutral technologies that disrupt industries and policies. The blurring of boundaries between sciences are creating convergences.  Breakthroughs across disciplines are stimulating accelerating insights and applications...”

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Publisher and/or Author and/or Managing Editor:__Andres Agostini ─ @Futuretronium at Twitter! Futuretronium Book at http://3.ly/rECc