Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Austria is in the world comparison as well: It is one of the richest countries in the world, a beautiful backdrop for daily life and is located in the heart of Europe, and on promising transition to the Eastern European countries. This study examines trends, what are the options for future business and political figures of the country. Numerous examples illustrate how to use the opportunities of change in most of Austria.

What is included in the study:

How do the megatrends of our time in Austria?
What opportunities for Austrian companies are stuck in the change?
On what topics it comes to settling in the future?
How can develop regions in Austria?
What do Austrians in the future?
What approaches can increase the luck of the Austrians in the future?


How do Austrians perceive the change and how you see the future?

Can be illuminated Chapter creative melting pot such as Austria with the thrust of their own history into an interesting player in the upcoming creative economy. The importance of the regions in the future and the prospects for tourism are shown in Pimp my Town and Destination Self Ness. The study also shows that provided an education Reloaded need arises and what the future potential of green innovation. What can happiness research for Austria, illustrates the trend study, 2025 in Happy Austria Austria.

As an empirical basis, the trend is an extensive survey study (n = 800) by Karmasin.Motivforschung based. This provides surprising insights into how Austrians perceive today the future. Thus, for example, 63 percent of respondents agreed that the term "female" is a future concept. And "cooperation" and "responsibility" are among the absolute future issues. However, cover the "male", "waste" and even "home" for the Austrians to concepts of the past. The ground for future consideration is an overview of the megatrends of our time, and its impact on Austria.

Author / s

Harry gate is a trend researcher, manager of the future, Austria Institute and an expert on "New Living". Its domain: the future of life and work, new life styles and their effect on society, business, consumption and leisure. read more »

Dr. Sophie Karmasin, psychologist and head of Business Administration, for more than 10 years Karmasin motivation research (on a brand consulting and communications specialist market research company in Austria) and has more than 3000 research projects carried out already. read more »

Franz Kühmayer is the founder and owner of Reflections Strategy Consulting Research & Consulting. His work is focused in the areas of Strategic Leadership, the future of work and education. read more »

Hanni has Rützler pioneer in nutritional science, as a developer and researcher, with its multidisciplinary approach to questions of eating and drinking patterns across borders has made a name as a. Read more »

Hannes Offenbacher passionate entrepreneur, idea architect and new thinkers. Since the winter of 2010 he is a board member of One World Trade Ltd, which deals with their trade of products from developing countries 3500 people. In addition to his blog, Good as It Gets bigger, "he writes articles for the media, lectures and gives his creativity and knowledge consultants to companies and organizations beyond. Read more »

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