Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2014

MEDICAL EXPRESS: Scientists discover link between skin diseases and Sudden Cardiac Death Syndrome

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mothers’ Brains

Neuromorphic ‘atomic-switch’ networks function like synapses in the brain

Targeted brain stimulation aids stroke recovery in mice

Artificial cells mimic natural protein synthesis

IEET:  Achieving Personal Immortality Roadmap

IEET:  End of Eating Food

REUTERS:  Islamic State says beheads U.S. journalist, holds another

REUTERS: Advancing Ukraine troops take fight to heart of pro-Moscow rebellion

SCIENCE DAILY: Pigs' hearts transplanted into baboon hosts remain viable more than a year

REUTERS: Exclusive: Hamas fighters show defiance in Gaza tunnel tour

SCIENCE DAILY: Children's drawings indicate later intelligence, study shows

WASHINGTON POST: Genetically engineered pig hearts survived more than a year in baboon hosts

THE GUARDIAN: Second fatal St Louis area shooting stokes tensions in Ferguson

THE GUARDIAN: World leaders 'failing to help' over Ebola outbreak in Africa

THE GUARDIAN: The costly trail of British government IT and 'big bang' project disasters

THE GUARDIAN:  Google working on child-friendly sites – report

THE GUARDIAN: Julian Gough launches 'Litcoin' Kickstarter to 'remodel the economics of reading'

BBC: Standard Chartered to pay $300m penalty to NY regulator

BBC: Google removes 12 BBC News links in 'right to be forgotten'

RENEWABLES:  Aldesa targets new projects abroad following recent order in Poland

The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds: 2014

BBC: Google's driverless cars designed to exceed speed limit

POWER GENERATION WIND:  Vestas to deliver 40MW wind turbines to Polish wind farm

BUSINESS INSIDER: Nest Is Partnering With A Smart Fan Company To Take The Internet Of Things To The Next Level

SPACE: Wanted: Unmanned Space Plane to Fly On the Cheap

BUSINESS INSIDER: Authorities Seize Two Acres Of Marijuana In South Texas

BUSINESS INSIDER: Flash Floods In Phoenix Force Dramatic Rescue Operations

BUSINESS INSIDER:  SAP Wants A Bigger Bite Out Of African Enterprise Market And Commits $500 Million By 2020

BUSINESS INSIDER: US Nuclear Watchdog Group Was Hacked Three Times In The Last Few Years

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Two startup accelerators merge to grow Canada’s entrepreneur ecosystem

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Google’s next big market: Accounts for kids under 13

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Privacy not a priority for most tech startups

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Scientist J. Woodland Hastings was a leader in bacterial research


THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Cyber attacks have hit 36 per cent of Canadian businesses, study says

WALL STREET JOURNAL: A Giant Tablet Gives Kids More Screen Time Together

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  4 Industries Most in Need of Data Scientists

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Health Care CIOs Boosting Security in the Wake of Breaches

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: IT and Product Development Will Merge in the Digital Business

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: For Billion-Dollar Companies, Venture Deals Outstrip Going Public

NEW YORK TIMES: Overstock to Allow International Customers to Pay in Bitcoin

NEW YORK TIMES: Computer Eyesight Gets a Lot More Accurate

DER SPIEGEL:   Caliphate of Fear: The Curse of the Islamic State

DER SPIEGEL:  Targeting Turkey: How Germany Spies on Its Friends

DER SPIEGEL:  Brave New Recycling Economy: Movement Turns Trash to Treasure 

Chinese hackers accessed 4.5 million hospital patients records

World-first Bluetooth device to track traffic congestion on SA roads

YAHOO NEWS: Harvard Researcher on Aging: There's no 'limit on the human lifespan'

CNN MONEY: Women thrive in China's booming tech scene

CNN MONEY: New record for Apple stock

CNN MONEY: China targets executive pay at state-owned firms

6 Chinese Tech Companies You Need to Know

MIT NEWS: Engineering new bone growth

MIT NEWS: Broadening the 'SCOPE' of microbial oceanography

MIT NEWS: Recycling old batteries into solar cells

MIT NEWS: RNA combination therapy for lung cancer offers promise for personalized medicine

MIT NEWS: Visual control of big data

MIT NEWS: Finding a piece of the proton-spin puzzle

MIT NEWS: New analysis reveals tumor weaknesses

MIT NEWS: Rise of the dinosaurs

MIT NEWS: An easier way to manipulate malaria genes

MIT NEWS: Origami robot folds itself up, crawls away

MIT NEWS: Undersea living: Alumna joins Cousteau mission

MIT NEWS:  A new way to model cancer

MIT NEWS: New material structures bend like microscopic hair

Fastest Camera In The World Takes 4.4 Trillion Frames Per Second